Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The [D] Project: The Date (pt. 9 of 13)

Part 7: Pot Calling Kettle Black
Part 8: Will You Marry You? 

Once upon a time in 2011, I allowed a girl live with me in my room for what was supposed to be a few days. The plan was she crashed with me till she got her own apartment. Her name was [D], a chic that looked like sex from the south-south. Although things ended up like... I look back at that period to realise I learnt a lot. That period is known as The-[D]-Project.

[D] returned one day from her place of primary assignment to tell me about a guy she met. She had been posted to a Mr. Biggs restaurant for her youth service where she would work her ass off. According to her, the guy she met he had it all, plus, her pastor told her to give him a shot. They scheduled a meeting for the following weekend and she eagerly waited for Saturday. I was happy for her, I ain’t gonna lie, but my reason might be selfish though. Since her presence I had been deprived of regular match fixtures in Stamford Bridge. Her date would give me that opportunity. Prior to her date, I had cooked up ways to make her take the weekend off for me to have my space. I once called [Any] to organise a girl’s day out with [D], after all they were friends. [Any] said she would come up with something...from her actions so far I guessed it was ‘nothing’ she came up with. I was disappointed though. [Any] was the person who linked me with [D] yet she hadn’t called me once, not to mention pay a visit, to know how she was doing. It was as if she abandoned her in my house. I won’t claim to be surprise though, like I said earlier she was the most selfish human being I knew and wished I didn’t.

It was Saturday and [D] would be out any moment. She was all hyped to meet the guy that had the potential to become her future husband. She had her T. M. Lewin shirt on, ass hugging jeans, and I provided the sunshade glasses. I added one more touch, a Paul Smith cologne to make her smell sexy. As accustomed to her, she requested I take her pictures. What was the point of looking like that and everyone not see.  As she stepped out around 2 pm I told her to take her time and I began to control my player.

[D] returned that night with a story to tell. I guessed she had a great time considering she returned late but the babe didn’t get to see the guy. On her way to his place he told her to wait at a junction, which she did, for him to pick her up. 20 minutes later she was still at the junction waiting for the guy. Down the street she spotted the guy and was quite relieved, at least she wasn’t getting stood up. The guy took a left turn and poof, out of sight again. She called him to know where he was but he replied he was on his way. The story changed minutes later when he called, giving her the direction to his place. He said he needed to run an errand and requested she go over to his place and wait there. She hesitated, saying she wasn’t cool with the idea of waiting his place while his friend was around. After another hour of standing, looking sexy by the roadside, she went ahead with what he suggested.

She called him when she arrived there and he pleaded for her to be patient with him. He claimed he was summoned for an urgent meeting. The next time she heard his voice was past 7 when he called to ask what she was taking for dinner and what she would like to eat for breakfast. [D] said she wasn’t sleeping over and had no idea why he was interested in breakfast. He told her it was late for her to return and preferred she slept over.

That gave an idea of what the guy might have planned. She believed he intentionally kept her waiting because he wanted her to sleep over. He probably was having fun somewhere else and wanted to reserve an ass he would return to and service for the night. That got her pissed off and stormed off the place before he returned. That was it. She returned the way she left except with the anticipation and my glasses. She misplaced ‘em on her way. I couldn’t blame her, she got disappointed.
[D]’s search for a husband had to continue. That night, she received a phone call, her aunt was in town, the same aunt that would give her the money to rent a place. I knew her day was messed up but mine was on point and the news of her aunt’s arrival crowned it all. Very soon she would be out of my room [I hoped].

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  1. LMAO @ that smiley face

    That guy...smh. there are far easier and more convincing ways to trick a girl into spending the night. What he did was just stupid and anyone who would fall for that was most likely plannin on spending the night already anyway.

    1. That rick works a times, delaying the babe until it was late to go home.

    2. like i said, she was probably already planning to spend the night anyway. just because the guy is playing tricks doesn't mean the girl doesn't have her own agenda as well...

    3. You're a chic so you should know how your species play those games.

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