Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ability To Work Under Pressure...

Most of the CV I had read had a quality stated by the person, "Ability to work under pressure with little or no supervision". It sounded like a good one BUT how true was it? Most people wrote that not expecting to be tested.

There was a female banker I know who got a job with that on her CV. I'm sure she thought pressure was what she experienced in the banking hall. A friend of mine invited both the banker and I to an event one night that we were hyped about. It was on Victoria Island so we had to drive down from the mainland where we stayed. On the 3rd mainland bridge, close to Adeniji bus stop, the car began to overheat. The radiator was empty so we had to wait for it to be cooled before pouring water into it. We were stuck there "under pressure, with little or no supervision".

Two guys approached from no where and claimed they were willing to help. They requested to know what was up with the car, we explained. They did nothing but sat close to the edge of the bridge by the car. The marijuana they smoked made the situation tensed for the banker. The men asked my friend while she was looking at him like he wanted to rob her, She kept panicking. I told her, "but yo u said you can work under pressure, with little or no supervision".

The situation got worse. The car refused to start after it cooled and the radiator was filled. The guy called the mechanic and he guessed the gaskets was probably burnt. We had to chill for close to an hour before he showed up. By now, the banker was close to pissing on herself. She said, "call my father! Call my father!" It was as if she wanted to disappear.

The men told us to move our car from that spot because the streetlights would go off at any minute, and anything could happen. As if they wouldn't know abut it.

Back to the banker, she acted like she needed special powers to disappear. I was calm, don't know why, but I was. I called LadyNgo instead while she panicked and threatened to kill my friend if anything happened to her.

A neighbour finally came to our rescue and tolled the car back to me area. After bottles of Smirnoff and Star with pepper soup, she was all smiles. I had to tell her, "remove ability to work under pressure with little or no supervision from her CV."


  1. Somehow i knew my name would pop up here but i was not expecting this lol. So is that what all that noise was in the background???

    1. It was tense but I was cool about it. Everyone had to hide their phones just in case. Mine ended up where the sun don't shine...I'm referring to my socks.

    2. in your "socks"...riiiiiiiiight!

    3. Yea, socks. Close to me feet & stop thinking dirrty.

    4. who said i was thinking dirty?!?