Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Proposals! Proposals!! Proposals!!!

The year is almost elapsed and I can bet a whole lot of females out there are disappointed. Disappointment from not walking down the isle in 2014. These set of females probably attended more wedding ceremony of friends t‎han a priest, and have racks of aso-ebi. Enough aso-ebi to start a boutique. "2015 will not be the same", they say.

The females with strong conviction are a step ahead this December by getting the boyfriend to propose. Does the proposal really mean anything? A guy proposed to his girlfriend cause she threatened to leave, so he "gave" her the ring with the plan to marry 2016. ‎A friend got married recently after almost 2 year-engagement. The wedding was more like a shotgun ceremony 'cause she was tired of the wait.

I wish everyone the best, especially those who asked the question this month. As long as you know the reason you want to get married and why that person, you will have a "satisfied" marriage.