Friday, September 13, 2013

Kiss the Girl

My music playlist was on shuffle and a song that played from the queue was "Kiss the Girl", a theme song from Disney's The Little Mermaid. If you don't know the song, you could rebooth your childhood...I can never be too gangster to deny watching The Little Mermaid as a child. Just in case there's someone without an idea, the song was the soundtrack when Ariel (mermaid) made a deal with Ursula (witch) to have legs. That would give her the opportunity to walk on land and visit Eric (prince charming). Nothing comes from free, so Ariel traded her voice for legs and the spell could be only be broken if Ariel get to kiss the prince within 3 days. She spent 3 days in his castle, hanging out together, and failed to get that kiss.

Like seriously...kiss the girl? just kiss a crush within 3 days to break a spell. The setting of The Little Mermaid was in the period of Castles, Kings, and Queens so getting to kiss might be difficult. It was adapted from a book published in maybe. Nowadays, if the deal between Ariel and the Witch were to reoccur, the spell breaker might be to get pregnant for the prince. Even that might not be a challenge.

Kissing is like the norm...I have met girls and fast forward through all the bases within 24 hours, not to mention 3 whole days.

Disclaimer: I am not a ladies man.

The song made me remember the movie and how things have changed. Innocence is definitely for the ignorant. You can have sex without an idea of the person's name (and I'm not referring to prostitutes).

Anyway, as a consolation (hopefully) I have to point out a way we have evolved. Everything in the movie probably happened within a week, two week max. Within the short period, Ariel met and in the end married Eric...I'll assume we all know what (should) happen on wedding nights, right? Ariel was 16 years old.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

₦400 Million Target OR Resign...What a Temptation

I understand the importance of target in organisations to achieve goals. I am totally comfortable with that, except when such targets become bloated and appear unrealistic. Sure, with effort, sweat, and blood it can be achieve BUT why should one put herself/himself in constant exposure of that? The truth is, it's a serious rat race there's no end. I witnessed someone get promoted for surpassing assigned target only to be sacked in less than 4 months for not meeting the next target.

I found myself in such industry with outrageous targets. Targets that will emotionally drain an individual not strong enough. In the past 2 weeks all I thought of was an exit plan until one presented itself...produce ₦400m or resign, I have to admit the OFFER is tempting.

Yes, it's an offer and like I said VERY tempting because both options hold equal value.

There's the fear of uncertainty...what's out there? How will I cope? But if I lived my life with such vivid in my conscious, I probably won't be where I am.

So the offer stands till the end of September. I know there'll be insults, and probably suspension till then.
I know it's way too early to live my life like this and I welcome an exit plan.

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