Friday, July 18, 2014

Black Wedding Dress

The first mistake anyone can make is an attempt to make everyone happy. Yes, it is only an attempt because it can NEVER happen. Hey, if Jesus Christ could be persecuted, who are you?

All things being equal, shouldn't it be easy to please everyone because the norms have been established. We basically know what the society expect from us, so why is it too difficult to make everyone satisfied with us? People get socialized on how best to talk, act- based on the situation, and we also have the 10 commandments. But even those that adhere to everything might be labeled "hypocrite" or "pretentious" to use a lighter word.

It is established, you can't please everyone...why not do what you want, what makes you happy yet a better person, and damn the norm that states your social limitation...even if it means you rock a black wedding dress.