Saturday, February 23, 2013

Two Chairz

I took this picture because when I saw the chairs, what first came to my mind wasn't a chair behind another. I don't know, maybe it's just me and I have to get my mind out of the "gutter".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Drunk/ Ed Sheeran

If only you know what I think whenever I hear this song...

I wanna be drunk when I wake up,
On the right side of the wrong bed,
And every excuse I made up,
Tell you the truth I hate,
What didn't kill me, it never made me stronger at all,

Love will scar your makeup lip sticks to me,
So now I'll maybe lean back there
I'm sat here, wishing I was sober,
I know i'll never hold you like I used to

But our house gets cold when you cut the heating,
Without you to hold i'll be freezing,
Can't rely on my heart to beat it
Cause you take part of it every evening,
Take words out of my mouth just from breathing,
Replace with phrases like 'when you leaving me?'
Should I, Should I,

Maybe I'll get drunk, again
I'll be drunk, again, I'll be drunk, again
To feel a little love.

I wanna hold your heart in both hands,
Now I'll watch you fizzle at the bottom of a coke can,
And i've got no plans for the weekend,
So should we speak then? Keep it between friends?
Though I know you'll never love me, like you used to

There maybe other people like us,
Will see the flicker of the clipper when they light our,
Flames just create us, burns dont heal like before
You dont hold me anymore

On cold days Coldplay's out like the band's name
I know i cant heal things with a handshake
You know i can change, as I began saying
You cut me wide open like a landscape
Open bottles of beer but never champagne
To applaud you with the sound that my hands make

Should I? Should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk, again
I'll be drunk, again
I'll be drunk, again
To feel a little love

All by myself
I'm here again
All by myself
You know I'll never change
All by myself
All by myself

I'm just drunk, again
I'll be drunk, again
I'll be drunk, again
To feel a little love

Monday, February 18, 2013

That Greener Pasture

I heard what I am about to share from a great guy, Tare O, it cracked me up.

A chic talked about the potential of leaving her current "job" for a better search of "greener pastures". Everyone kept talking about where the "other side", where the grass was greener.

He was like, everyone talks about searching for greener pasture as if we don't know where it is. If you want a high paying job work with a company in the oil industry. But the truth was it takes more than knowing, it was difficult to get there. Even when you get there the competition was more. Afterall, everyone wants to be where the grass was greener. You'll find all sort of "animals"- cows, goats...even lions would turn to vegetarians and compete for grass.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Grammy of the [Year]

Hours to the 55th edition of the Grammy awards, I want to share my own edition of the prestigious awards. These are the winners I believe deserve it based on the impact their song had in my life. I am in no way predicting...these are my winners.

Record of the Year
"We Are Young" – Fun featuring Janelle Monáe
Jeff Bhasker, producer Jeff Bhasker, Andrew Dawson & Stuart White, engineers/mixers; Chris Gehringer, mastering engineer

Album of the Year
Some Nights – Fun
Janelle Monáe, featured artist; Jeff Bhasker, Emile Haynie, Jake One & TommyD, producers; Jeff Bhasker, Pete Bischoff, Jeff Chestek, Andrew Dawson, Emile Haynie, Manny Marroquin, Sonny Pinnar & Stuart White, engineers/mixers; Chris Gehringer, mastering engineer

Song of the Year
"The A Team"
Ed Sheeran, songwriter (Ed Sheeran)

Best New Artist

Best Pop Solo Performance
"We Are Young" – Fun featuring Janelle Monáe

Best Pop Vocal Album
Ceremonials – Florence and the Machine

Best Dance Recording
"Don't You Worry Child" – Swedish House Mafia featuring John Martin
Steve Angello, Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso, producers; Steve Angello, Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso, mixers

Best Rock Performance
"I Will Wait" – Mumford & Sons

Best R&B Performance
"Climax" – Usher

Best R&B Song
"Heart Attack"
Benjamin Levin, Rico Love & Tremaine Neverson, songwriters (Trey Songz)

Best Rap Performance
"HYFR (Hell Ya F***ing Right)" – Drake featuring Lil Wayne

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
"Wild Ones" – Flo Rida featuring Sia

Best Rap Song
"The Motto"
Dwayne Carter, Aubrey Graham & Tyler Williams, songwriters (Drake Featuring Lil' Wayne)

Best Rap Album
Take Care – Drake

Producer of the Year, Non-Classical
"Climax" (Usher) (T)
"Get Free" (Major Lazer featuring Amber Coffman) (S)
"La La La" (Snoop Lion) (S)
"Lies" (Marina and The Diamonds) (T)
"Look At These Hoes" (Santigold) (T)
"Push And Shove" (No Doubt featuring Busy Signal & Major Lazer) (T)
"Slight Work" (Wale featuring Big Sean) (T)
"Thought of You" (Justin Bieber) (T)
"Too Close" (Alex Clare) (T)

Best Short Form Music Video
"Bad Girls" – M.I.A.
Romain Gavras, video director; Romain Gavras, video producer

Saturday, February 2, 2013

To Start a Relationship...

I noticed a female colleague countdown the months of the year with her fingers. I asked jokingly, "do you want to know when your baby is due?".
She replied it wasn't hers, a friend's wife was in labour. She counted 9 months back to know when the fertilisation took place- July. She added the guy was dating her friend during that period.

Her friend was fond of him and always had something to say about the guy on Blackberry. As far as she was concerned, her "baby" was the best. She was slapped by reality when someone sent a pix of her baby getting married. Her case was past tense...

My colleague, who was in the centre, decided to be a spectator as it happened. She added her friend loved him.
I told her "to start a relationship was up to the girl BUT to start a marriage was up to the guy".

As long as girls believe the guy must propose, he had the final say. Regardless the love the girl might claim to have.