Monday, February 18, 2013

That Greener Pasture

I heard what I am about to share from a great guy, Tare O, it cracked me up.

A chic talked about the potential of leaving her current "job" for a better search of "greener pastures". Everyone kept talking about where the "other side", where the grass was greener.

He was like, everyone talks about searching for greener pasture as if we don't know where it is. If you want a high paying job work with a company in the oil industry. But the truth was it takes more than knowing, it was difficult to get there. Even when you get there the competition was more. Afterall, everyone wants to be where the grass was greener. You'll find all sort of "animals"- cows, goats...even lions would turn to vegetarians and compete for grass.


  1. The grass is actually greener where tis watered and not necessarily on the 'other' side.

    When we consciously choose to like the work we do, we ultimately create the potential we desire.