Thursday, October 31, 2013

Please, Don't Sell Me Your Dream

There's an assumption successful people have regardless their field, and that's people perceived as less successful wants to be like them. That belief is also shared by "motivational speakers" who share the achievement of others with the purpose to make anyone believe "you could be like them".

I don't buy that though. My stand is don't sell me your dream or that of others 'cause I don't buy "copy and paste" means of being successful. Even successful people experience difficulty in achieving the same feat twice. Nas once said, "O, you went platinum, yeah, that's nice. Now let me see you do the same thing twice". So if duplicating success is difficult why do people think imitation is easy?

Take for instance, you read a cook book by Gordon Ramsay and believe you will be able to cook half as good might be misleading.

I said earlier, don't sell me your dream- I have mine. Don't tell me "do all these to be like me"... who says I want to be like you.

Take time to introspect and ask yourself, are you striving towards you OWN dream

Monday, October 28, 2013

Looking Forward to Suspension

I have a job that pays but I spend all my energy for each penny. Nothing comes for something I guess...not. What I believe is superiors want subordinate suffer to compensate for the shit they probably went through getting to the top.

I work hard and that has become an issue because whenever someone wants a task done, I'm called. So lately, I get so many tasks to be overwhelmed and the Ogas at the top know this but don't give a shit. I become inefficient at times.

The punch line is all the shit I do don't count as far as my appraisal was concerned. I should be sacked if my last appraisal was taken into consideration. Like a manager once said, headless chicken.

The manager was right. I spend most of my day on my superiors' work and not mine. The irony was the manager was inclusive to those who kept me busy with their work.

To decline was easy...if there was no consequence. Take for instance the day I was approaching Third Mainland Bridge traffic after work. The time was about 9:30pm and it began to rain. The day was tough as usual. I had spent that night to satisfy my supervisor with a report that she kept tweaking. By 9pm I was done, I gave her the report and placed them in an envelope. Finally, I was done...or so I thought. In about 30 minutes my phone began to ring. I answered to hear her screaming at the other end of the line. She wanted me to return to the office, prepare more reports and bring them to her house in Lekki. NOTE: I didn't even know her house. I told myself, this is your last day.

Minutes later I received a call from another superior who told me not to worry. That was how my ass was saved that day. Two days later something similar happened and my ass was once again saved.

This week, I expect something more outrageous and it will be evident I was fed up.

With my situation into consideration, a week suspension won't be bad. I need the time to rest even if it would affect my pay next month

Monday, October 21, 2013

Am Starting To Think...I Love You

This is why it's great not to delete notes, gifts... from flings or past relationships; it culminates to experiences you might forget. I stumbled on an old email I sent to someone, Morin Jessica, it was a poem titled "Am starting to think...I love you". It was sent Oct 25, 2007 at 2:53 PM .And to think I used the word love and do not remember the person. I checked her on Facebook and still doesn't look familiar.


I’m Starting to think…I love you

I'm starting to think I love you
So you ask why?
I'm going to tell you.
The way u make me feel...
is just so amazing.
How I can be so mad,
and still somehow...
you manage to make me happy.
The way I can be so pissed,
and yet you still make me giggle.
How I always think of you.
How I can never get you off my mind.
The way I can never get mad at you,
and if i did I would have to fake.
How my heart... skips a beat,
jumps, flips, turns,
does whatever it does.
The weird feeling I get...
the one that kinda hurts,
but makes me feel good.
The way I start to worry
even if it's just because your sick.
It's just so crazy.
That's why I'm starting to think I love you.

Monday, October 14, 2013

How Many Times is Too Much In Love?

I have male friends that claim to be in love every freaking time they meet a new chic. They usually describe a striking feature that made their decision to fall for 'em. It might be, "she's sooo intelligent", "she's very caring".

The outcome is a list of girls deceived about being in exclusive relationship with them.

I fell in love once, if what I felt is what they truly feel- I see a whole lot of husband cheat in the making.

Back to my question, shouldn't there be a limited number of times to fall in love? A fairy tale response won't be bad.