Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Hail the Thief...No Time for Iranu

Growing up one habit I know was negatively reinforced and most times punished was stealing. There was no reason nor excuse I could give for stealing. I remember when I stole fried fish from the pot...ever played the original Killer Instinct game, think about any 'ultra combo'. The point was no thief goes unpunished. As I became a teenager I began to witness otherwise. Hollywood for instance made stealing and committing crimes cool. I remember the last 15 minutes of the movie 'Ocean's Eleven', I actually applauded the creativity used in robbing the casino. At that moment there was a little dissonance, I mean, these guys stole but it was so cool and I was happy for them. I understood Robin Hood but these guys weren't giving back to the poor.

During my undergraduate years, I knew a lot of 'yahoo boys' but for reasons I don't know I didn't see anything wrong. They were stealing right? Or 'collecting' money under false pretence. I rationalised that stealing money was 'OK' as long as it wasn't from me or people I knew. But the concept of stealing had reach a new high.

Recently I was outraged by a politician who was jailed for stealing billions [sorry, misappropriation of public fund]. He was 'sentenced' to two years in a maximum security prison. For a public figure especially a politician that signalled the end of the individual's career. But no, not in my country. This man walked out of prison smiling with his supporters jubilating with the party flag. The last time I saw people jubilate for a man walking out of prison was when Nelson Mandela walked out of his 46664 uniform. This man was no Mandela, not even a man by my standards. The annoying part was him stepping into a church next where a thanksgiving ceremony was planned in his honour where I must add a TV station decided [out of unbiased journalism] decided to broadcast the service live. Before some Christians attack me, wasn't thanksgiving meant for something positive in your life. I was expecting this man to have confessed and asked Nigerians for forgiveness for exploiting the public office he was given. I felt disgusted that some people who supposedly have brains were hailing a thief. In this period where youths all over the would were taking a stand, I can't believe some adults decided to make a fest out of this mockery. I respect adults but there's no time for iranu [nonsense].

Friday, February 25, 2011


Growing up, one of the first things I learnt [probably before 'Up NEPA!'] was the importance of money. The logic was simple, if you don't have this [money] then you can't have these...that...those...and them. So I began the paper chase race early, coming up with money making concepts. Some of the ideas I had early in life would probably have made me a Zukerberg by now but the disadvantage of growing up in Nigeria was Nigeria herself. I have one which I'm going to share with you and I won't lie, it sounds ridiculous to me, but as I remember Gary Dahl... *ever heard of him?* Well, he became a millionaire by selling rocks which you could use as pets, pet rocks...I had hope. As in, there was nothing special about the stones he sold, just normal pebbles the size of your finger being sold as 'pets' and people actually paid for it. Mine would/should/could change the world. It's called Sex in a Can and like the name implies, it is sex packaged in a can just like your baked beans.

Why it should sell?
Sex is a biological need everyone experience the urge to satisfy. Some are inhibited by religion, others by culture and morals but that doesn't take away the urge. EVERYONE gets turned on. An issue with having sex especially with the widespread of STDs and bastards was how to have safe sex. How could a person enjoy sex and not be punished for their stupidity? So prophylactics were made. Still, we were being told condoms were not 100 percent safe. For those who had found a way to have safe sex, the issue was now how to enjoy sex and be satisfied. Drugs were made for this including Spanish Fly. Even if you had all these the issues was now when/who and how to have sex especially if you were the busy type.
Sex in a Can would be the perfect product for virgins, sex addicts, and those who need to have an orgasm but too tired/unable/scared to have sex. In theory all you have to do was open the can, drink the content and have the flushing sensation...orgasm. Guys would never get to hear the, "Stop it! Stop it!" Some girls before having sex again and virgins get to have sex as they like without losing their virginity.

Let's go to the Lab
It is possible to have an orgasm and experience the whole flushing sensation without having sex. It's all in the brain. You need proof? Wet dreams. While awake it is not the case. So far no drug have been perfected to enable you have an orgasm without contact. Having sex goes through the following stages, Desire, Excitation, Plateau, Orgasm then Resolution. The best sex enhancer drugs would get you to the Plateau stage but not enough to have an orgasm. Sex in a Can would take you to the final two stages. The truth is these drugs you take only enhance or slow down what you already have in your body. Take for instance dopamine. The body contains dopamine. Dopamine can make you very high. But why don't you get high on a daily? See it like this, each dopamine travel from a neuron to another, like travelling using buses to get to their final location. Once they got to a bus stop they had to walk to another bus stop to take a new ride to a new location. Imagine the walk takes place in the blood stream. Now each dopamine had a specific time to get on the next bus. If the dopamine stayed longer walking or 'misses the bus' you get high- they were now staying longer in the blood. So what could make it delay before getting to next bus stop? One is Cocaine. See Cocaine as one hot chic that distracts the dopamine from getting to its destination. My point is cocaine itself does not make us high, our body itself could make that happen. Drugs only assist.

Two are two approaches to achieving Sex in a Can. One, combining a sexual stimulant with an hallucinogen. Tentatively horny goat week with marijuana to achieve a wet dream state but that could make someone sleep off as a side effect. The second approach which I see a best bet was to develop a drug that would temporarily make you experience symptoms of Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). Individuals with PSAS could experience over 100 orgasms in a day. They could be walking down the street with their phone in the pocket, a call comes in or even a text, their phone vibrates and they have an orgasm immediately. They could even jump and have an orgasm as they land. They are different from nymphos or satyros [male counterpart of a nympho] because they don't have the constant urge to have sex, to them having orgasms had become an involuntary action. During the clinical test stages it would be perfected not to have a lasting effect. You could be walking down the street while having your orgasm.
Sadly [or not] Sex in a Can would no doubt affect one of the oldest occupation, prostitution. But the benefits outweighs the cost.

Sex in a Can would be the coolest thing since ipods. You could have a visitor and say, "What can I offer you, Juice, water, sex [in a can]?" STDs and bastards would reduce drastically. Even those women that have been married for years without an orgasm would experience what it felt like. So if you are down to invest leave a comment for others to read 'cause I'm not...just came up with another concept. It's about...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

...And I said Nothing

I had called countless times with countless words in my head recited countless times yet she didn't pick. The best statistician could not compute the total number of available options of things I could have said or the ways I would have said them. Still when I finally saw her in person I said nothing. Not with my mouth, neither with my eyes. My body chose to ignore her existence. If she was distant from me, not miles, but maybe she was at the other side of the road, I would still have used the excuse that she was far away and felt good. But guess what? *What* She was by my side. For close to twenty minutes she sat by my side and I became the man who couldn't move. Even if I chose to deny and claim my eyes didn't see her, my nose didn't, it couldn't. I knew how every inch of her smelt. It was one ride that led to the same destination but different roads.

As usual I had my earphones on and my ipod continued to shuffle through my recently added songs I didn't need to hear at that time. Songs including 'Fall for Your Type' by Jamie Foxx and Drake, then 'Please don't Go' by Mike Posner, 'Lover Lover' by Jerrod Niemann, and 'Undiscovered' by James Morrison. The soundtracks to the bus ride wasn't nice at all. We got to the bus stop and had to wait for her to alight before I could. I watched her walk away never to look back. Can't believe I was so 'close' to [Any] once again and I said nothing.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Relationship Vitae (RV)

I figured out being in a relationship was similar to being employed or seeking for employment. Even when you've got one you find yourself on the lookout for a better offer, you know, that one with a better pay package. So you have your curriculum vitae (CV) prepared just in case. I also figured, why not have a relationship vitae (RV), also, just in case there was someone somewhere out there that could make your life more pleasant to live. So I'm going to be the first to write my RV and I hope I get 'employed' by a hot chic. Instead of me talking too much, I could just say "Hey! Here's my RV, call me if you are interested."

Ade Moss's son Relationship Vitae (RV)

Objective: To be the best boyfriend I could be. I can't promise to be the shoulder you'll cry on because as far as I'm around you won't have any reason to cry.

* Genotype & Blood group: AA, O
* Short sighted
* Tall (enough)
* Looks... I tried

* Don't drink but can drink
* Don't smoke, won't smoke
* Get bored easily
* Flirt

* Music

* Liars
* Thieves
* Bariga
* Traffic hold-up
* Okada

Summary of skills:
* Witty and funny
* Punctual during dates
* Ability to say the truth without being honest
* Credit worthy, so if I borrow change from you be sure I'll pay you back
* Understanding, so if I see you in bed naked with another guy be assured I'll ask questions first
* How to dump a girl by making her 'do the dumping'.
* Sexual abilities...but is there need to brag.

Past experiences:
* Hope, Part-time (about 8 Months)
Description: As a part-time boyfriend my services were needed when the full-time boyfriend went on long trips to make money. I learnt a girl doesn't need a logical reason to cheat.
* 'Lere Babe, Full-time (2 weeks)
Description: Didn't know she would accept to date me so when she agreed I was caught by surprise and didn't know what to do. My job as a boyfriend was to call her frequently and tell her she was beautiful.
* 'Lere Babe 2, Full-time (3 months)
Description: My job as a boyfriend was to walk by her side and raise her self-esteem that Yes! She also had a boyfriend. My services were no longer needed when she decided to expand and thought she could get any guy. She crashed and had remained single since.
* [Any], duration not defined
Description: I was a full-time paying mayee. If not that it was too early I would have paid her bride price. My job taught me a fool for love is a fool forever.

* Watched all episodes of 'The Wonder Years' where I learnt it was at most times impossible to understand a girl you love. There was a Winnie Cooper in every girl.
* 500 Days of Summer, where I learnt all because you love someone does not mean they should love you back.
* Bill Clinton, how to look into anybody's eyes and say "I did not have sexual relations with that woman".
* Beauty and the Beast, learnt even if you are ugly a girl will fall for you as long as you own a castle.

I doubt any of them would say anything positive about me, still references available upon request.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Most Romantic Story...I've read

I read a lot of stories growing up and for reason unknown, even as a child a particular story stuck to me as being romantic. Even in my early/middle childhood I found the story more romantic than the Disney's "happily ever afters". Now, I can't remember it in details and I might add a few things [unconsciously] which were not in the original BUT I'll definitely include the main idea.

It was about an African village that had a marriage practice that placed importance in the beauty of the wife to be. That was evident in the bride price paid by the suitor. Now what we have in most Nigerian culture is a situation where the girl's family demanded anything regardless of the 'physical status' of the girl and tilted towards social status. This village was different, you can't expect to give birth to someone ugly and demand a high bride price, then again, who defined who was 'ugly'? Now, since there was no fiat money involved, as in cash, cattle and livestock were used. The least attractive girl got a chicken while the most got a cow. The highest offered was two cows to the beautiful princess of the land. Not that cows were expensive but what it symbolised was high value.

There was a girl who believed she wasn't attractive, who could blame her? The most her 'beautiful' sister got was a goat. She avoided marriage because she didn't want to be insulted by being presented with a chick as a bride price. She had a man who constantly told her how much he wanted to marry her and poems about how beautiful she was, BUT she turned him down. She liked him but she was scared of being humiliated with the bride price. Her friends were getting married while she was being left out. Out of pressure from friends and family she decided to say "yes" to the guy. One of them had told her, "Growing older won't make you more beautiful".

While she stayed at home expecting her suitor with his family she hoped he at least present a hen, that would be a surprise. When they came she was surprised by what he brought even though it wasn't a hen. The guy came with a herd of cattle, over 50. The whole village were present at her house and looking at her after seeing the cows they realised how 'beautiful' she was. Not only that, the all assumed there was something very special about the girl that made her worth that much, something the lucky suitor found. They had placed too much value on the bride price a girl received and that now dictated how beautiful the girl was and not vice versa. From that day the girl became the most beautiful girl in the village and due to how she was being treated afterwards she felt beautiful. Everywhere she went mothers would tell their daughters, "That's the girl whose her bride price was over 50 cows".

One of the interpretations I have of this story is regardless the original value of what we have, it was the way we treated it that determine the 'true value' and most important the way others would value it with us. Your friends and people around you would use you to determine how to respect those things you value. If you are one to talk down about your boyfriend/girlfriend to your friends, don't expect them not to do the same and this would hurt you if you do have strong feelings for them. If you call your girlfriend ugly or a bitch, don't expect me to call her a queen. That's why I know that no matter the looks, past, or flaws of who ever I get married to [if I get married], once I offer her 'over 50 cows' all those won't matter.

Friday, February 11, 2011

When a Girl goes Sharon Stone on You

When I first heard the saying by William Congreve, "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned," I didn't get it. I had an idea but I was young and had no experience to backup my understanding of the statement. How could love turned into hate be so dangerous to compare to heaven's rage, not to mention a female's disdain for someone? I understood it years later when a girl went Sharon Stone on a guy. By that I meant her character, Catherine Tramell, in the Basic Instinct movies.

Women could be loving, just like Rottweilers, until they decide to have you for breakfast. I have read vicious acts by females in Newspapers. Maybe they were sensational stories but pictures do say a thousand words. There was a man's naked picture I saw once. His wife bathed his penis with hydrochloric acid as a punishment for cheating. In my opinion the punishment was too severe. That was the sort of thing I would reserve for a terrorist. I witnessed the power of acid once. A foreman used it to clean ceramic floor tiles and toilet seats that had been cover with stains. You could inhale the fumes as the acid burnt off the stains leaving the floor sparkling white. That was the same liquid a female used in bathing a man’s penis.

I had an experience involving one of my neighbours when his wife went Sharon Stone on him. The guy was married to a very beautiful wife with a wicked shape. The type of woman you feel tempted to compliment as she walked pass and the urge only grew stronger knowing she had two kids, yet maintained that shape. Regardless she was his legally he still had to always be on top of his game. Men these days don’t give a damn if a woman was married when they were attracted to her. They might even suggest getting the husband a better job in an effort to bed her. His wife, despite being a university graduate, became a housewife. She stayed at home, watching Merlin season 1 to wherever and Africa Magic, while he solely laboured for the family financially. He bought their first car which his wife used while he continued with public transport. This man did all he could to please her. She got bored and got a job. That was the beginning of the end. To cut the long story short, she met men that made her husband seem boring. In two months she was ready to leave him. She made a statement before her exit with the kids from their home, "Do you think I married you because I love you? I married you because I wanted to leave my father's house." She met another man, one more financially stable. She didn’t make any demand from her husband. Didn’t want anything from him. It’s been three years now and she was yet to make an appearance in their home. I saw the poor guy once, buying biscuit for dinner on his way home from work.

I had a friend who met a chic during his NYSC service year in Ebonyi state. She girl looked aiit but her attitude was shit. She was a virgin and that blinded my guy from admitting she had an awful personality. He found it amazing to meet a twenty-something year-old virgin, a breed of females on the verge of extinction, during his service year. He once regarded her as having the qualities of a wife while they were dating. They lived in separate apartments opposite each other in the same building. It was his idea not to cohabitate since she was a virgin and he believed if they slept together he would be tempted to have sex.
My guy had a female friend who visited whenever she was in town and the girlfriend suspected he was having an affair. The girlfriend became jealous and the uncertainty of what they taled about all day behind closed door fuelled it. One particular day the girl slept over. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. Like faith would have it the girlfriend woke up early the next morning to find the girl leaving his room. She became convinced the boyfriend fucked her. What she did to retaliate was an act I find difficult to justify even with my B.Sc in Psychology. She visited a mutual friend they had, seduced him, and fucked him. Yea she was a virgin, the guy confirmed it. He thought it was a typical horny girl wants quick fuck situation until she bled on his bed sheet. My guy was still in the dark of that event when the girlfriend came into the room and told him she was ready to have sex. After asking “are you sure?” as if he cared he agreed. According to him she began to laugh hysterically during the first round. She told him what she did and the reason behind it. She made a point she slept with his friend to hurt him. She added, "You think you can take my virginity and sleep with other girls." The guy obviously was dumbfounded, "how on earth do you think that would hurt me?"
They made up after that [miraculously] but things only got worse. After any fight she was fond of saying, "I curse you with the blood of my virginity I shed on your bed." True there was a little shed but he wasn't the first to get there. They fought physically countless times till he was done with service and ran back to Lagos never to see her again.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Player with the First Team Shirt

For every football manager, success depends on the team. The talent of the team greatly determines how many goals you would score, games you would win, and the respect you get from other managers. Clearly Sir Alex Fergurson is a good example, winning thropies and building a fan base for Manchester United. But not all managers are Fergurson or based in England, most of us, especially in Nigeria have to make do with the players we have. Don't get me wrong, here in Nigeria we do have players with immense attacking and defending abilities, Barca. standard, that were good upfront and could fall back when needed. But with the mentality of players like Obafemi Martins, the challenge was how to get them commit to your club?

When I hangout with other managers and discuss the game play and strategies we adopted I realised the manager's abilities were greatly tested off the field than on the field. Ok, you have a player that was very attractive plus active and could play on the field for 90 minutes BUT how could you get the player to continue wearing your jersey for 90 games, to even get to the field in the first place? The challenge was that either you have a grass root team like the managers in UNILAG or you studied Economics like Arsene Wenger, have in mind we have the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester City managers out there that are willing to spend the money they could have used to buy a whole team on a player, your most valuable player.

That was why it was difficult to give a player a first team shirt. It was the greatest honour any player could have. Even the players knew that and would have to extend their contracts if given. Skills, talent, and commitment had to be shown. I understand how tough it was for players to commit to a club, after all the active years of a player wasn't much and had to be on a lookout for a better offer. A 20 years old player, now that's future prospect BUT a 27 to 32 years old player, they had to start thinking about hanging their boots. So every player out there had to benefit themselves during their opportunity period before the final whistle blows. I had this manager friend who had a weak team, he badly needed a Torres and was willing to pay for it. Even the player knew the manager was desperate and showed this by the ridiculous sign off fee demanded. The contract was outrageous, from the clothing to the feeding allowances. My friend didn't care, he knew the impact a Torres would have on him and his team. It was a domino effect, his other players would have to step up their game to become the manager's favourite [and hopefully get off the bench and have a first team shirt]. He made a mistake which Fergurson would never make, he made the player feel bigger than the team. The player was talented no doubt but had no field experience but that didn't bother him. He saw the player the same way as Liverpool's Carragher. Since the player had no experience playing for another team, he assumed if he treated the player well there would be no basis for comparison and the player wouldn't have to leave. The player had the debut with him and became instant favourite. He forgot something, all league matches were played home and away especially when you have a complete football team. There were times you would have to use another team's stadium as the training ground for convenience sake and also enable the player train without distraction nor the press. During one of his away matches, the player was blown away by the stadium. The player made instant connection especially with the manger of the away team. Suddenly, the player began to miss training. My friend would call but the agent would pick the call telling him the player was not around. The next message the manager got was a transfer request sent via text. His Torres had been practising with the away team. The news spread so also with pictures. Like what Chelsea FC did to get the services of Torres from Liverpool FC, the player had a very high transfer fee. The manager lost it and the respect from his other players as well. Soon he lost his job and all the players and he wasn't so gay [about it].

He decided to get back into the game with new tactics, he would follow Arsene Wenger's philosophy and build a strong youth team. A youth team that would be difficult to be tempted by other managers' offers. He learnt another lesson. At first no one was interested in his players but as they kept scoring goals other managers saw their potentials they made their bid. My friend refused. The players themselves were committed BUT even C. Ronaldo had to move when Real Madrid came calling. The players, not wanting to appear ungrateful, began to demand to be listed on loan. One said, "I need to know my potential. I need to know if it's best to end my career here with this club. I wouldn't want to retire not knowing what was out there."

I know girls would see it as we managers being selfish, why coach a football team? The truth is even managers of Tennis players find it difficult to maintain their jobs. Like R. Kelly rightly sang, "When a [player]'s fed up, there's nothing you can do about it."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to GIVE EXCUSES and NOT CHOCOLAtES this Valentine

Valentine is around the corner and we have to be honest with ourselves. Not everyone is capable of making it worthwhile for our girlfriend/boyfriend for reasons including we have to many to 'em [and don't know who to spend it with] and finances. That is why I'm suggesting excuses to give and not chocolates this valentine. Below are ranked excuses that could make you scale through the period [with spending next to nothing and spending time with one without feeling bad about the others].

#8. Luckily, Valentine 2011 is on a Monday so using 'I'm busy at...' as an excuse for not fulfilling a date you supposedly plan is not a bad idea. I mean, isn't Monday supposed to be the busiest day of the week. It should also work if you rather be with someone that would spend more on you or you know you would have more fun with.

#7. You know how difficult it is to give someone a birthday present after their birthday, it is with the same difficulty it is for the same person to ask for it. Valentine 2011 is on a Monday, let your Val know you want to celebrate it during the coming weekend. Weekend comes, the pressure's gone and at that moment spending it alone together won't be a bad idea, and hey! more excuses below to give.

#6. You could just have a fight and break-up. Then you make-up afterwards, that's always an option.

#5. Unusual lies work like magic for any situation. Example of why you wouldn't be around with an unusual lie, "I am not going to be around 'cause the Nigerian embassy recently called that my cousin had just been evacuated from Cario and I have to pick him/her. [We] were also asked to provide a van to assist with the belongings at..." Truth is Nigerians are being evacuated from Egypt presently and who would doubt any Nigerian that they have a relative anywhere in the world especially in Egypt.

#4. There are lots of [expensive] shows coming up during this period and it won't be bad to take your Val there with you BUT there are countless reasons you can't. Let your Val be satisfied with the thought of you wanting to take her there without making it happen.
Call your Val's close friend [the one you know can't keep secrets] and ask if he/she knows how to get two tickets to one of these shows. The friend would no doubt hint your Val [thinking it was for her] who would be satisfied with the anticipation but you would act ignorant. On Valentine you could actually do less but once you mention you intended to take her to a huge show she wouldn't find it hard to believe. You could even crown it with your futile effort about the tickets and use her friend as reference.

#3. "It's a pagan holiday and my Pastor preached against it or [you] read it on a religious pamphlet. I have decided to stop celebrating it." Works better if the girl has been forming 'church girl'. Plus, this February [2011] is a one month fasting period for the Redeemed Christian Church of God members, cook something up. If you are a muslim, even great, they do not celebrate valentine.

#2. "Remember when CBN said we should update our account, apparently I didn't [or didn't do it well] 'cause now I don't have access to my account and that ruined the plans I had...we COULD use your money" The point is you don't have access into your account, no money, no Val.

#1. "I'm broke". There's no statement that is more acceptable than your financial status. The rich use it as an excuse, the poor have no excuse.

Happy Valentine 2011.

Friday, February 4, 2011

African Infant Precocity...Blame your Parents

Developmental Psychologists have carried out researches and have proven that at infancy, Africans develop faster in mental and motor skills than their western counterparts. This continues until early childhood where the reverse becomes the case. Eventually western children catch up with the same developmental quotient as africans and eventually surpass us. This has been known as African Infant Precocity. Precocious: unusual rapid development. The cause is still debatable but I have insights.

If you grew up and schooled in Nigeria then you are probably going to be familiar with the passage, "Edet lives in Calabar. He is 8 years old. Every morning he goes to school but in the afternoon he stays at home. He likes to read..." After the passage there were questions that followed, due to the innate curiosity of children those were not the questions we needed answers to. I remember saying to an adult once, "I want to visit Edet in Calabar because he is my friend." Instead of the adult to be honest with me and provide an answer that would aid my abstraction with fiction. I was constantly being told, "Edet has gone to school and that's what you should also be doing". With my current level of awareness I can make a tentative statement that the drop of the growth rate in African's developmental quotient is due to the adults around us [especially our parents]. Instead of embedding knowledge that would enable children cope in this world they imbibe selective ones that would enable us cope in their world [and make their lives easier].

I remember asking once, "How come people become dumb?" The reply I got was, "When everyone is born they are given specific number of words they can say in their lifetime. If you talk too much you use of all your words and become dumb." In other words all I was being told was to stop being a talkative and it worked. For the next couple of weeks or more I was quiet and well behaved. My peers would be 'making noise' and I would say, "You are wasting your words, do you want to become dumb?". I remember I [foolishly] asked the same person why people become deaf and the reply was, "When people do not hear what that were told to do and start misbehaving they become deaf. There are specific number of times a person can misbehave by hearing the wrong things and that was the outcome once when they exceeded it." That was also said to make me 'behave'. I could guess what the answer would have been if I had asked why some women were barren.One fact is children are inquisitive and parents can not always provide answers and in most times they end up providing one that was wrong and not intellectually stimulating. The human brain grows the fastest during childhood and stops growing by the age of five so it is necessary for adults to utilise this by providing the children with adequate information. I had a discussion with few friends about those questions children ask and answers they got and it became evident, if you leave learning to parents you'll not learn. When a five year-old girl ask the parent 'Where did I come from?' and the mum talks about fairies and garden. Don't be surprise if the daughter walks up to you and talks about how she allowed a boy to play in her garden.It's sad enough Nigeria is a developing country but intelligence has no boundary. Even if the society deprive us parents shouldn't. Just the way generations ago enriched the minds of their children with stories, parents today should provide everything necessary to stimulate their children's mine. Let African precocity exist till death.