Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Hail the Thief...No Time for Iranu

Growing up one habit I know was negatively reinforced and most times punished was stealing. There was no reason nor excuse I could give for stealing. I remember when I stole fried fish from the pot...ever played the original Killer Instinct game, think about any 'ultra combo'. The point was no thief goes unpunished. As I became a teenager I began to witness otherwise. Hollywood for instance made stealing and committing crimes cool. I remember the last 15 minutes of the movie 'Ocean's Eleven', I actually applauded the creativity used in robbing the casino. At that moment there was a little dissonance, I mean, these guys stole but it was so cool and I was happy for them. I understood Robin Hood but these guys weren't giving back to the poor.

During my undergraduate years, I knew a lot of 'yahoo boys' but for reasons I don't know I didn't see anything wrong. They were stealing right? Or 'collecting' money under false pretence. I rationalised that stealing money was 'OK' as long as it wasn't from me or people I knew. But the concept of stealing had reach a new high.

Recently I was outraged by a politician who was jailed for stealing billions [sorry, misappropriation of public fund]. He was 'sentenced' to two years in a maximum security prison. For a public figure especially a politician that signalled the end of the individual's career. But no, not in my country. This man walked out of prison smiling with his supporters jubilating with the party flag. The last time I saw people jubilate for a man walking out of prison was when Nelson Mandela walked out of his 46664 uniform. This man was no Mandela, not even a man by my standards. The annoying part was him stepping into a church next where a thanksgiving ceremony was planned in his honour where I must add a TV station decided [out of unbiased journalism] decided to broadcast the service live. Before some Christians attack me, wasn't thanksgiving meant for something positive in your life. I was expecting this man to have confessed and asked Nigerians for forgiveness for exploiting the public office he was given. I felt disgusted that some people who supposedly have brains were hailing a thief. In this period where youths all over the would were taking a stand, I can't believe some adults decided to make a fest out of this mockery. I respect adults but there's no time for iranu [nonsense].


  1. I am hiighly disgusted!..nigerians jst keep irritating me. this is why we'll continue being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Bode Goerge would embezzle and steal more money cos he knows no matter what, he'll still get a hero's welcome anytime he returns. i hate nigerian politicians..rubbish!

  2. I think the time of the inevitable is coming, change. Then the pen was mightier than the sword but now, social networking is mightier than the sword.