Saturday, November 28, 2015



4k the title, this isn't a motivational piece but a piece of my mind on people who exploit others because they can by virtue The beauty of life is everyone has a unique role to play, and the ugly aspect of that script is that some people's role is to be a subordinate (or lesser in status) to another individual in order to achieve [balance]. Now imagine the other individual is a dick head. A dick head you have to work/date/interact with in order not to blow your job...or whatever. We can only hope that if we find ourselves in the later position, we do not get exploited. So we pray for a good boss or an understanding spouse. However, the person who is "superior" pray the status quo remain. Trust me, even your boss won't want you to be their boss. I try to assume why certain [wicked] people act the way they do and that takes me back to a thought I once discussed somewhere in this blog. 

I learnt early in life two opposing reasons we do things. First, because we can and secondly because we need it. I learnt that from the random girls I met and that I saw an opportunity to smash. It kinda comes with a don feeling, meet a chic, chat her up, get her naked...orgasm. The cycle continued until a point I realized that I didn't need to smash every girl that presented herself, I only did it because I could. It was the innate craving of man to seize every opportunity and acquire everything, even those things not needed. That's why a millionaire wants to be billionaire while a billionaire wants to rule the world. The same insatiable feeling to become the President after years of being a Governor. It is also the same feeling to exploit an individual who had given you heart, body, and soul...because you can 'cause you definitely don't need it. 

This takes me to @Sugarbelly ...
This lady once referred to me as ignorant on my own blog. PAUSE...

That sentence will no doubt create an opinion. It could be positive or negative opinion about her to just label an individual [like me] "ignorant". Fact is whatever your opinion is, it would be baseless until you understood the context she referred to me as ignorant. The importance of context is sooo powerful that we will NEVER understand ourselves and the people around us until we accept that fact. 

An example I use to explain the importance to friends is the concept of personal space or proxemic rules. For instance, If you were to stand by the roadside and someone walks towards you. The person stands close to you shoulder-to-shoulder, you might be a bit uncomfortable and decide to take steps back BUT if you were to be inside a public bus with the same person standing so close, you might not even be aware of their presence. It is still the same act with only difference being context. Another instance a lady hears "let me examine your breast". She might resist if the person is a stranger [lawyer] than if the stranger is a doctor. That's why I do not attempt to "change" people. Instead, I attempt to change the environment [context] to the one that will make them do the things I want.

While environment is a strong factor in changing context, the strongest is abstract- our emotions. Either positive or negative, emotions make us do things we won't [normally] do. Things we can't explain with logic like why Romeo and Juliet commit suicide [silly teenagers]. 

I read opinions about @Sugarbelly's... narration of how a guy she once loved took advantage of her. I won't refer to it as confession because she always talked about it but the only difference was she finally decided to mention names. My own observation, especially with people who discredit her or attempt to shame her is that they applied logic and not explore the context to understand her view. Her narration was probably read as "50 Shades of Audu".  

I remember one of my friends back in school. The guy was a ladies man and had a naive chic all over him...The girl was down and ready to do whatever he wanted. He even smashed her once while we were in the same room...and this was supposed to be his girlfriend. So I am quite familiar with girls having a "I have to satisfy my guy mentality" even when being exploited.

 I will go with @Sugarbelly on this one and the reason is simple, her pain is just too real. I told a colleague at work she had been on this for years to fake it and even if she did she gets A for Effort. Plus, she tackles anyone who write stuffs that seems they took advantage of a female. So that's what earned me "ignorant". 

With that said...

Any relationship that won't make you a better person is slave trade.