Saturday, May 12, 2012

Attachment Parenting...So That's What It's Called

First time I saw the US cover page of Time Magazine [above] my course-mate back in the University of Lagos came to mind. The picture was all about Attachment Parenting which was purely a cultural issue. If I should reason autonomously from the culture of I was raised in, I would perceived nothing wrong with a mum breastfeeding her son up to the age of 4. What I do see wrong was if he wasn't successfully weaned and it continued to like age, 14. What I would see wrong was not the act but the implications.

It would make the boy purely dependent on the mum and it could grow to a sexual one. At age 4 he was getting milk from his mother's breast, at age 14 he would be sucking his mother's boobs. AND they would probably start fucking, it happens. 

I'm not bothered about Attachment Parenting or issues like this, I am not Myne Whitman. Like I said earlier, the picture reminded me of someone I knew and I believed he was raised such way. It was good for a guy to admire his mum but not to an extent of implying you would love to marry your mum. This guy compared every girl to his mum and uses words that should be in sentences with someone you were fucking.

I know some people might feel, it can't be that bad or there was nothing wrong, but how do feel if you were a guy with your friends and hanging out hot babes. All of sudden a macho guy said, "I miss my mum, I feel like hugging my mum, my mum is the best." 

Freud would relate it to his concept of Oedipus complex: every boy's tendency to fuck the mum during childhood. I believe attachment parenting would boost the possibility of that happening.

BUT, if Rihanna was my adopted mother she should feel free to attach to me all she wants and I would be the best MILF there ever was.


  1. The Myne Whitman thing, was that supposed to be a non-condescending reference or you were just being rude?

    1. See it as a reference. My point was simple, my interest is different from hers.