Friday, May 11, 2012

When You Have To believe in Faith or a Man/ Chelsea FC UCL

Becoming religious in the time of need isn't a surprise. I interpret it as the first step of admitting one was helpless in a particular situation. It was a situation of raising the white flag after personal effort and looking up to the sky saying, "God Almighty, it's up to you now".

There are also situations individuals had to believe in the faith of others, usually a friend they trusted. You might be panicking in a situation and your friend says, "Relax, don't worry, I got it under control". Because you have no other feasible option you go with the flow. I've been in such situations, when I had to depend on others to get things done because I believed I couldn't do it on my own. I've come to realise that most times it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be, it was as if sometimes, I placed my faith in others to delay the buy time disregarding my faith and to accept my fate.

I once wrote about Faith versus Wishful Thinking which you have to read if you had not. One idea I pointed out was we never really know if what we had was Faith or mere Wishful Thinking until the final outcome. When it was too late to keep having faith [sic]. For instance, you kept faith that your dog won't die after an accident and it did. That's the end of it, unless you come up with a new one that your dog would resurrect, like I said, that might be to delay the inevitable.

What prompted this post might not be relevant/serious to you, but, I am a Chelsea FC fan [that should give you an idea why my room was called Stamford Bridge] and the UEFA Champions League (UCL) is the biggest annual football event in the world. For those of you who don't know, Chelsea FC is playing in the UCL final against Bayen Munich on Saturday, the 19th of May 2012, in this stadium... Germany, on a pitch Bayern Munich players were familiar with. Considering disciplinary issues from both teams on the road to the final, it seems Bayern would win it. Also Chelsea would be without the Captain, John Terry.

Now, Prophet T. B. Joshua said Chelsea FC would win the UCL 20121/2012. According to the media, he had predicted correctly football events and this might be no exception. This was the same man recognised by the Cameroon government as "an agent of the devil" because of his "miracles".

I never believed in this guy's miracles but something wants me to believe him on this one and it might be I was just postponing the inevitable, personally I believe Chelsea FC had a higher percentage of losing. The remained the underdogs from the quarterfinal stage. I have to admit T. B. Joshua's prophecy makes looking forward to the final easier. If Chelsea FC lift the UCL trophy I would be excited, no doubt, BUT will not give the credit to T. B. Joshua, after all, he only said the team would win with no specifics. I would regard it as a lucky guess. IF Chelsea FC lose the final...I would dedicate the an article trashing all those so-called men of God that perform 'miracles'. From Dr. Fireman to...they know themselves.

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