Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The [D] Project: The END (pt. 13 of 13)

Part 7: Pot Calling Kettle Black

Part 8: Will You Marry You? 

Part 9: The Date

Part 10: Time To Go 

Part 11: REALLY, Time To Go

Part 12: You Can't Please Anyone

It had been over 8 months I saw [D] so I decided to check her Facebook updates to know what's up. Well, she's married according to Facebook. I don't believe that one bit because there were no picture. Someone like her would splash the pictures everywhere instead of only updating her relationship to 'Married' status.

I did notice she had Francis pictures on her profile page. I remember she once deleted them after their last fight. I see that as a sign there were back together, after all, she had to get married this year and he was still the most likely candidate.

During her stay with me, [D] had shared with me her dreams of a musical career. I told her the best she could do was to sing backup which she interpreted as an insult. Anyway, she did sing backup for one of my guys. I decided to upload the song. Hope you like the song, you should.

That's the End of the [D] Project, end of a chapter in my life.

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