Tuesday, August 13, 2013

He's Too Proud

One of the bullshit I-care-less opinion I got a lot of lately is "You are too proud". The speakers/judges happen to be the opposite sex who arrive at such conclusion after I take a stand or statement that showed I wasn't in the mood to eat the sh!t I was offered by 'em.

The fact is, I know my worth and my evaluation isn't measured in coins and bank notes. Money comes money goes. J Cole rapped, "they say time is money but really it's not/ If we ever go broke girl...time is all we got/ And you can't make that back"

My interpretation of that is time does not equal money because if you lose time and money, it was most likely to make only money back. So, any chic that attempts to spend that foolishly will see the "proud" me.

Maybe it's the calibre of chics I hang with, you know, those that share that time with series of men and low committment. Those ones that want to share their 24 hours on Saturday with everyone guy that request to see 'em. That's why I make it easy for them and downgrade 'em to "ignore list".

Maybe I need to have a little patience...maybe, but patience is expensive and the paseon had to worth it.

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