Friday, August 16, 2013


I write with the belief you might read this and it all goes back to square one- where you totally ignore me. The reason isn't far-fetched and I regretfully attest to being spiteful in the past. I won't make any excuse to justify my actions, that's not why I write this, this is about one thing- I LOVE YOU and that's what matters.

Each day that pass without you strenghtens the possibility of your relationship with another man. My only comfort remains the fact no man can love you like I did/do/forever will (except Jesus Christ- that's just being real).

For a minute, please remember the experiences we had, it wasn't bad, was it? Remember when...and when... Remember the silly things I said that made you smile, those were real. I believe I showed potential to be a better man...I am now a better man. "My Psychology will not waste".

Please give me that opportunity to create new/better experiences, for you, for me, for us.

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