Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't Stop Believing

Just a Benue girl, living in a lonely world, she took an inter state bus going to Lagos...

Her Story
The only possession she had was a backpack filled with hopes and dreams, there was no space to include failure and lots of money.
She was probably in her in mid-twenties but when she spoke you would know she had enough experiences exceeding her age.
She said she came to Lagos to pursue her dream of becoming a superstar like Beyonce or Rihanna and she had a plan how to get to become a superstar.

Her Background
During secondary school she got pregnant and delivered. She had to drop-out and confessed that was the major blow to her academic pursuit. Reading became very difficult. Her family was not supportive so she wrote letter to the state governor of Kogi (not her own state) requesting for financial assistance. She heard the Lagos state governor was a nice guy and travelled down to Lagos to give him a similar letter. She got to the secretariat to drop the letter. With no relative in Lagos she sought refuge in a police station awaiting a quick response from the governor, she got none. A lot happened till she moved to a church and now she wants to take proactive steps to become Beyonce.

Her Plan
She talked about how she needed a pastor, preferably T. B Joshua or Chris Oyakilome, to pray for her and support her financially. Then she would go to Kennis Music and get her record deal. Sounds easy.

The Setback
I didn't hear her sing but from the way she talked, I doubt it. Her intonation alone was too local to be the next Beyonce. She didn't look exposed. She got uncomfortable in the church she was sleeping and walked up to somebody she didn't know for accommodation. The guy suggested she stayed at his place for the meantime and she agreed. One thing I know was that Lagos guys weren't that friendly especially to a broke girl. My fear was lots of guys would exploit her in Lagos and the only soundtracks she might be singing would be in the bedrooms of guys.
That is the down side of hope, either it moves you to your dreams or mislead you. Still we sing, don't stop believing.

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