Friday, June 10, 2011

The Break Up: Based on Life Events

A girl and a guy were standing in front of a building.
The girl was feeding off a bowl of ice cream while the guy was looking dejected.
The girl had called for the meeting to end the relationship with the guy.
On his way to meet her she had asked him to buy ice cream for her. He did.
The guy demanded to know if there was another guy.
The girl responded she was back with her ex.
The guy accused her of cheating.
Then she corrected herself.
"I never broke up with him in the first place."
The guy was dumbfounded.
She tried to make it clear, she had been cheating on her boyfriend with him and not vice versa.
She apologised and admitted their affair/relationship had been filled with guilt.
She never wanted it to happen in the first place.
He asked, "Before or after you called my ex behind me to confirm if I had broken up with her?"
She kept quiet.
He asked, "Before or after you asked me to introduce you to my mum?"
She still maintained her silence. The only thing that came out from her mouth was the spoon she used in taking the ice cream.
He asked, "Before or after I disvirgined you?"
She kept quiet. She opened her allow the ice cream in.
Then she apologised, "Sorry for making you break up with your ex."
She dropped another punchline, "My pastor said you are not my future husband."
He said, "Before or after...just forget it."
"We could still be friends."
His heart became heavy.
She asked, "Will you still get me the phone you promised me?"
He walked away. Any action apart from that would get someone hurt.
The girl...obviously.
Right now I have a warning for those with sisters, girlfriends, and mothers.
This guy could fuck them all regardless of age, shape, and size.
He needs to get rid of the hurt.

The End.


  1. loool!!!!! even as a girl I hate that "my pastor said" line....

  2. That is just ONE of the things guys go through.

  3. hmmn this is quite deep! it sounds to me that u r the guy :P

  4. Me? The Guy? Please...don't give me all the credit.