Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birth Control Pills For Men...Finally

I read a medical research report that stated advances made in the completion of birth control pills for men. The main idea I understood was it works on vitamin A which was necessary for sperm production. So far it had been successful on mice. What exactly are the implications of this drug?
For one, they say if you want something done right you had to do it yourself. Depending on a girl to use birth control pills have made a lot of guys unexpected fathers and children, bastards. At times you wonder, "What was so difficult for you to take two pills at specific times?"
Gold diggers would no doubt suffer, you know those ones that want to have your baby to guarantee financial life support. A lot of millionaires have at least one. The guy would simply tell her, "I don't mind if you do not use your pills, I have used mine so don't tell me stories in 9 months."
On the moral side, what does it encourage? They are called birth control pills and not STD control pills and this would only encourage 'unprotected' sex. In my opinion, finding a lasting solution to cure STDs should be top priority, after all we still have condoms and other birth preventive methods. A breakthrough was reached in the cure of HIV but it was damn too expensive. It involved bone marrow implant of unique individuals with mutant gene immune to the virus. So far only one person had been cured.
Anyway, assuming I am married I won't mind using those pills 'cause birth control pills could make a girl blow up and I wouldn't want my wife to grow fat.


  1. r u for real??? cos i dont ever want to take pills, they make people fat. Let the guys take them. woohoo!

  2. Girls are so 'fragile' anything that messes with their hormones make them fat. Pills, Chocolates, Pregnancy...heartbreat. Proves girls are walking 'blow up dolls'.

  3. or better still... control yourself!

  4. ThEmirRoR, ever believing in will power when it comes to the heart, mind, and flesh.