Monday, June 13, 2011

Why Complain When Haters Hate...

Why complain when haters hate, after all that was what haters were suppose to do.
I believe in world of opposites, good/bad, boy/girl, Celine Dion/ Rebecca Black...lovers/haters. The existence of opposites is a necessity for nature to arrive at an equilibrium, for us to cherish whatever position we were in and know when/how to improve. Just like haters; they see our potential and use it against us. To be honest there were haters who don't care if you had reached your potential, they just hate you for no reason. After all, that was what Haters were meant to do.
I was called "a lazy human being" one day. First thing I did was to introspect, to determine if I was indeed lazy. I decided to see myself in this person's eyes and concluded "Why bother, this is a hater." This was someone who got most things done through mummy and housemaids while I was the opposite. I graduated with a nice result while he had a withdrawal letter (twice). Yet he saw me as lazy.
Someone should have explained Haters to Soulja Boy who got dissed on his facebook wall by 'fans' for being talentless and he decided to retaliate. Even playing the racist card on the whites. Dissing haters only fuels the hate and your attention encourages them. But in all honesty Soulja Boy needed to step his game up. Someone described him as a "one shit wonder".
But Haters, wait till you see me on top, you would so talk your jaw would drop.

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  1. Haters never win. I just think that's true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end. See the link below for more info.