Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am Allergic to Broke Girls

I thought Africans never had allergies until I proved myself wrong. Found out I am allergic to broke girls, that breed of the other specie, that is financially incapable of taking care of their necessities. Despite being monetary handicapped she still demands from a guy WANTS instead of NEEDS.
Feel free to call me names, I was fortunate to be born privileged and never for once take that for granted. So from my position I understood the expectation of performing act of charity but I will rather give a beggar $1000 than give a girl $100 to fix her hair especially when I know she couldn't afford it. That is how status works, a millionaire is willing to give another millionaire an expensive gift he knows they both could afford than give someone who can't. So the very few times I dated broke girls I couldn't get myself to spend, it felt like I was doing something wrong, being scammed. The girls themselves made it obvious because poverty has no hiding place. I noticed while a girl of similar status would demand I spend money on experiences, like watching a movie together, broke girls demanded material things that would benefit me in no way, like buy a new phone. More like bad investment.
I know not all girls are like that...I know, but their number is not significant to those that are broke and stupid at the same time. I see them and I cringe. Have I ever mentioned one that came to my house and said it was my friend's house which I had 'rented' it to woo her (Probably I'll write about that, A Poor Girl's Poverty Mentality). That was the last time I saw her...
Even if my relationship with a rich girl doesn't work out, I am satisfied. Compare the financial implications of (Michael Jackson/Lisa-Marie Presley split, or Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston) divorce to (Mike Tyson/Robin Givens and Paul McCartney/Heather Mills divorce). The later that didn't marry wives of similar financial status paid heavily for it.

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