Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Will You, Your Past, and Current Encumbrance Marry Me?

So...I noticed this trend. Girls get engaged and decide to use the image of their engagement ring as a display picture (referring to those on the Blackberry network). It isn't a new trend though, whenever an individual acquired something new.

For instance, you buy a car and take a picture in the car- smiling in the driver seat with your grip on the steering wheel. The same goes with people that buy an expensive phone. They either take a picture in front of a mirror OR use a friend's phone to take their picture simulating a phone conversation. The gist is simple, you want everyone to share with you the new level attained and publicise via social media.

The difference I notice with engagements is: a female will take the picture of their ring, but most times do not reveal her face.
I realise they were engaged from display picture of mutual friends. It would also be the friend that would picmix the face and the ring. What accountants will call "matching concept"- match the owner of the ring with the face.

The question is now, Why? Why will a lady comfortably share the picture of a new car and not something like an engagement ring with her face?

My opinion is simple, sins of the past and current encumbrances.

The speed rate information flow on social media can't be exaggerated. After typing an information, the whole world would probably know about it before you press "enter".
So what happens when a female with unfinished (male) business(es) gets a engagement ring isn't a wedding ring. You buy time.

I ain't gonna lie...there was a chic I realised was engaged and it was topic of discussion: how? Wasn't my business but a lot of guys had equity in her business. We were like, who is this guy that fell for her [trap]? If a chic like that hid she was engaged...I'll support her.
Current encumbrances do matter though. Girls eager to marry probably had guys on the waiting list. The first to propose might not be the best choice. So they make the proposal low key. They least they want was their pic with the ring everywhere. That could be bad business.
Also, a chic's bed mate might have no idea she had a relationship of such by the side. Why spoil the fun?

It would be the female's single friends that would publicise the engagement. It was their way of saying "you are no longer in the singles market, let's discourage single guys from focusing on you but us". I mean, also when a chic had a boyfriend it is her friends that will act as PR.

To all those engaged....Congratulations, although I can't see your faces.

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