Sunday, March 31, 2013

Special HICC Easter Service

HICC, HICC, many times did I call you?

This is the second...third time HICC inspired me to write. In case you don't know, HICC is a new generation church.

What happened this time? It was a "normal" Easter service, the pastor was preaching about how Jesus rose from death when an event occurred.

Someone stood up to scream, "It's a lie pastor, I don't believe that. How can you tell me someone died and rose from death. I'm leaving".

It's expected to feel shock. The pastor called the man to come forward- he needed to talk to him. The man walked to the stag...pulpit, the pastor asked the congregation the impact Jesus had in their lives. Someone came up to share an experience before everyone got on their feet to signify they believed Jesus died/rose. The pastor told the young man, "these people can't be fools to believe". The man got on his knees to apologise.

The pastor revealed the whole, "It's a lie pastor..." was acted but the testimony wasn't. Yea....right.

When did a church become Stage 41. That single act would make a typical person question was else was staged: his "miracles" or those people that act like they were filled with the spirit.
The world is already filled with doubt where religion was concerned: you shouldn't leave people with doubt if what was happening in the church was real. That single ice breaker drown the sermon of the day.

Guess what? That same act was repeated second service.

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