Friday, April 5, 2013

What Social Media Mean to Nigerian Girls

The few ads of dating sites I watched on TV suggested that was the place singles could hook-up. There are a lot of such websites, some branded as social media targeted to singles. In Nigeria, it's the contrary, a girl whose profile read "single" still act hard-to-get on a dating site.

Why the f*ck will a girl open a profile on a dating site and says "Please don't disturb me, I don't talk to strangers", like seriously? That's why I don't take any chic serious on such platform. I prefer a girl in my presence giving attitude than someone that might even be a guy, pretending to be a chic. Another annoying set of girls are those who were active on a dating site and claim to have a boyfriend.
"So why are you here?"
"I'm looking for friends I can chat with".
"I thought that was why Facebook was created"

My opinion is social sites have become "accessories" just like Facebook. The open an account/profile with no intent except the feeling of being part of something. These are the same set of people that don't own only a Blackberry smartphone, no Apple product, but still have an Instagram account.

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