Sunday, March 31, 2013

Special HICC Easter Service

HICC, HICC, many times did I call you?

This is the second...third time HICC inspired me to write. In case you don't know, HICC is a new generation church.

What happened this time? It was a "normal" Easter service, the pastor was preaching about how Jesus rose from death when an event occurred.

Someone stood up to scream, "It's a lie pastor, I don't believe that. How can you tell me someone died and rose from death. I'm leaving".

It's expected to feel shock. The pastor called the man to come forward- he needed to talk to him. The man walked to the stag...pulpit, the pastor asked the congregation the impact Jesus had in their lives. Someone came up to share an experience before everyone got on their feet to signify they believed Jesus died/rose. The pastor told the young man, "these people can't be fools to believe". The man got on his knees to apologise.

The pastor revealed the whole, "It's a lie pastor..." was acted but the testimony wasn't. Yea....right.

When did a church become Stage 41. That single act would make a typical person question was else was staged: his "miracles" or those people that act like they were filled with the spirit.
The world is already filled with doubt where religion was concerned: you shouldn't leave people with doubt if what was happening in the church was real. That single ice breaker drown the sermon of the day.

Guess what? That same act was repeated second service.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When Self-actualization is Your Only Goal

When Abraham Masclow came up with his Hierachy of Needs, his idea was based on human needs could be prioritise. As they grow and satisfiy a need, they move on to the next one. It starts with Psychological, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem, and ends with Self-actualization.

Self-actualization is what we strive to attain in our lifetime, "what a man can be, he must be." It's the ONE goal we won't mind to crown our life effort.

It could be to become the president, build an empire, win a could even be to get married. Fact is, self-actualized goal was subjective.

The beauty of today's youth is they recognise their self-actualized goal early and it burns within. Take a teen with a strong musical passion for instance. With the influence of MTV, BET...Grammys, she/he target recognition on that international platform. It might be a good thing BUT there's danger when that self-actualized goal plays such dominant role.

The beauty of Masclow's hierachy of needs is the recognition of basic important needs before fairy tale dreams. "You want to be become the president, cool. But first, get food in your plate and roof over your head." Today's youth ignore the first steps and aim directly for the top. Take an instance of a guy that drops out of school to become a rapper. When you are quite young, it ALL seems possible. He forgets about needs like providing food because his parents are there. In reality, he doesn't achieve anything because people around him provides everything. What happens when he gets old enough and supplies get cut off? He joins the category of "unemplyed Nigeria youth" whose occupation is criticising the government and talk about "comparative economies".

Few get lucky, they jump all the steps to attain their self-actualized goal. But, what happens next? Let's assume the person achieved it at age 25, what typical happens is he becomes satisfied: becomes a broke local champion e.g Majek Fashek. Because self-actualized goal don't guarantee basic's a need on its own.

I referred to drop-outs ealier. My stand is not graduates were in a better position. You find graduates yet to secure basic needs a.k.a jobless, yet focus on what would take 'em to closer to self-actualization, even if it meant jumping all the steps. It's only in Nigeria you'll find a jobless person still being picky. They are all waiting for "oil companies". It becomes clear how ignorant they were with zero job experience when asked "what role do you want to play in that oil company?"

They assume basic needs had been achieved because Mummy or/and Daddy was providing it. Same apply as instances I created earlier- they really struggle by the time left alone.

I think it's best to create one's path but not at the expense of what's real.

Friday, March 15, 2013

www.NSCDC and other Nigeria Websites

In the spirit of "my Oga at the top", I'll share 7 Nigerian websites you probably never knew existed. If you had logged on at least 3 of them you must be a Gbenga Sesan in the making.

It's a bit surprising to realise a Nigeria football club with a website, considering the perception our local league isn't organised. The website belongs to Shooting Stars of Ibadan.

NEPA/PHCN has a website. You'll probably need a generator to access it. I am certain the website designer/published added "generator" as operating expense.

For a website about the National Gallery of Art...see for yourself.

I had no idea the station still exist not to mention a website. TOO COLOURFUL... Looks like they hired the services of one of those "DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE FOR ₦15,000 - CALL 080..."

"www.nscdc...that's all" is actually that's all

This website looks like a pirated copy of Alaba International market; I doubt if it has to do with the same Alaba International Market. I was confused if it was designed by the administrators of the market OR...a boy like that.

Who knew Nigeria had a probably assumed BUT do you know the content. All you see is the picture of the President. I know he is the number one citizen BUT is he the only citizen.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Will You, Your Past, and Current Encumbrance Marry Me?

So...I noticed this trend. Girls get engaged and decide to use the image of their engagement ring as a display picture (referring to those on the Blackberry network). It isn't a new trend though, whenever an individual acquired something new.

For instance, you buy a car and take a picture in the car- smiling in the driver seat with your grip on the steering wheel. The same goes with people that buy an expensive phone. They either take a picture in front of a mirror OR use a friend's phone to take their picture simulating a phone conversation. The gist is simple, you want everyone to share with you the new level attained and publicise via social media.

The difference I notice with engagements is: a female will take the picture of their ring, but most times do not reveal her face.
I realise they were engaged from display picture of mutual friends. It would also be the friend that would picmix the face and the ring. What accountants will call "matching concept"- match the owner of the ring with the face.

The question is now, Why? Why will a lady comfortably share the picture of a new car and not something like an engagement ring with her face?

My opinion is simple, sins of the past and current encumbrances.

The speed rate information flow on social media can't be exaggerated. After typing an information, the whole world would probably know about it before you press "enter".
So what happens when a female with unfinished (male) business(es) gets a engagement ring isn't a wedding ring. You buy time.

I ain't gonna lie...there was a chic I realised was engaged and it was topic of discussion: how? Wasn't my business but a lot of guys had equity in her business. We were like, who is this guy that fell for her [trap]? If a chic like that hid she was engaged...I'll support her.
Current encumbrances do matter though. Girls eager to marry probably had guys on the waiting list. The first to propose might not be the best choice. So they make the proposal low key. They least they want was their pic with the ring everywhere. That could be bad business.
Also, a chic's bed mate might have no idea she had a relationship of such by the side. Why spoil the fun?

It would be the female's single friends that would publicise the engagement. It was their way of saying "you are no longer in the singles market, let's discourage single guys from focusing on you but us". I mean, also when a chic had a boyfriend it is her friends that will act as PR.

To all those engaged....Congratulations, although I can't see your faces.

Friday, March 8, 2013

RIP Khafila: Friday 8th of March, 2013

The world don't know your name, face, & tender age. The world don't care about your name, face, & tender age. If you aren't one of theirs you are one of the others. The others with no name, face, & tender age.

Rest in Peace deprived the world of your shy smile. Your family...may Almighty God give them the strength to carry on and give an angel strength to carry you home.