Monday, January 16, 2012

Any Means to Meet an End...

As much as I believe LOVE (if it existed) was an essential ingredient in a relationship, I believe you need a lot more to raise a family. Actually, a lot more of one thing- MONEY. Because by the time you have the take the cost of the economic needs members of you family needed you might be frustrated realising you didn't have the income to afford it. This goal to satisfy such needs make parents think of different (outrageous) means. This experience I'm about to share begun December 2011 before the increase of petrol pump price on the first of January 2012.
Most couples find it financially difficult to raise their family not to mention being a single parent. It was all the stress of a couple in a single parent (not fair). A single parent realised the financial status was in a red light district (fucked up) and needed funds. It was December, a holiday period, where you find yourself spending on what you probably didn't budget for. To make the matter worse, the kids had to resume the session in their private university January. That meant school fees and other allowances. The parent decided on cash in on a shady deal. The deal was one that would surely backfire and the kids were against it. They voiced their opinion but the parent made the point that it was for their benefit...listing all the bills to take care of. The kids were not swayed and kept the parent in check from getting involved. This continued into 2012 when the subsidy removal on petrol pump price led to price of commodities skyrocket. During the stay at home strike/protest period the parent took a walk in a morning and didn't return. That night the kids became worried and decided to call the phone number only for an unknown voice to be on the other end of the line. The voice said the parent had been kidnapped and the kids should watch the news as the parent would be paraded. Then the line went dead. Panic erupted as the kids sensed their parent was in danger. Texts began to bombard the phone as the kids pleaded. Hours later a call came through. It was their parent...
What went down was the parent wanted to stage a kidnap and hoped the kids would be able to talk friends and relatives into contributing for a ransom. That was another shady way the parent cooked up to get money. The conscience, however, took over the parent and couldn't continue with the plan especially after reading the text messages the kids sent.
What I learnt from this experience was that we get so engrossed with satisfying a need that we forget why or for whom in the fisrt place. The need becomes an obsession that we end up hurting those who were the ones that were to protect. Any means to meet an end might be the end.


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    1. Yea...the first paragraph. That's what you get with blogging with a phone. I'll work on it (just don't know when). Thanks.

    2. Ginger wrote: Parents staged a self-kidnap..that's crazysad. Well, they should be thankful their kids love em. it could have gone the other
      way, where the kids say 'good riddance,
      hello freedom!
      Ade, you might need to edit the first
      paragraph so it will make more sense.

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