Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seriously, Who Voted for Goodluck? (Pt. 3 Definitely Not Me)

While a group of people that (blindly) voted for GEJ are taking jabs at him because of his recent policies...I take this as a moment of pride to say, "Thank God I didn't vote for that Mo'fucker". I have nothing against the guy except he doesn't appear to have any leadership quality. I remember someone that exolted his Ph.D, saying he had to be intelligent. I'm not moved by any Bs.c, Ms.c....and Ph.D, the most retarded lecturer that taught in the University had all those. Saying dumb shit like dogs communicated with the use of red eye.

24hrs before the public statement of fuel subsidy removal, GEJ was on TV declaring state of emergencies on some villages. His balls wasn't man enough to tell Nigerians about what he had in store for us in the new year. That act alone showed cowardice. I remember a dinner Obama attended and said something like he had something important to handle as president but still had to come. He joked....dissed Trump and everyone laughed. Less than 48 hrs later the world realised he got Osama. Those are the kind of issues a president should keep numb about till the last minute. Not one that would change the lives and lifestyles of Nigerians.

Who the hell voted for Goodluck? Definitely not me...I voted with a clear conscience and even though my candidate didn't win I still believe I voted wisely.


  1. I voted 4ribadu!! Was telling ppl den dt this guy belongs 2d pdp grounp which is d most corrupt group eva!! Dey were like it Gej dey werre voting 4, nt d group!! Dumb ass Nigerians... God is in control sha

  2. Yea...I heard that a lot. It sounded to me like, "I have sex for money but I'm not a prostitute."

  3. I don't even know what to say about that spineless shell of a man called GEJ, he's like a plague sent from hell to make Nigerians miserable...

    Btw, Demi'z Diary will re-open when the asuu strike is called off... whenever that happens.

    Happy nu year, brutha.