Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Child's Play

I came across a post months ago, about how words changed in meanings and context as we grow. I remember a line that went like "when I was young, Pussy meant cat, but now...". The post suggested that these new meanings had replaced the previous one (like the one given above). What I've noticed was that the previous meaning still remain (at least to kids).
There were times Kids play or say things that made we react. I would feel like interrupting them because I interpreted what they were doing as sexually explicit + corrupt. You know kids usually play "daddy and mummy", well, there is this boy in my area that loves that. Now the problem I see was he prefered playing it with boys, "daddy and em...daddy", even his peers felt uncomfortable playing such role. He looks so innocent and to him he wasn't doing anything wrong. But I've grown to know guys like Elton John and George Michael and the way I interpreted his actions was that he was displaying gay tendencies. I don't have anything against homosexuals but I believe if there was anyway to prevent a child going down that lane then it should be done.
Another aspect I feel uncomfortable with was with the way most 3 to 5 years old dress nowadays. Maybe it had to do with my area but you see these girls wearing short skirts. I told a 5 years old once to learn to dress decent. But her face was blank as if she had no idea of the words coming out from my mouth. Truth is to them they were wearing clothes but to me if a 20 years old should wear that then she had to be in a club or a beach. You don't wear such just to buy biscuits. I feel it was more than the way they dress, I am uncomfortable with kids getting into pop culture. I heard a girl sing once, she had a very beautiful voice but I was totally not cool with the choice of song (T-Pain, "5 o'clock)..."It's 5 o' clock in the morning/ Conversation got boring/ You said you'd go into bed soon/ So I snuck off to your bedroom..." Why should a 5 year-old sing such? Anyway....#sigh
I won't deny I learn from these kids how to beg with puppy dog eyes. And sometimes I want to help 'em out. Like one day I was in a bus, beside me was a woman with her kid on her lap. This kid was trying to get fed by bringing out the breast from the bra. All his techniques made me laugh, putting his hands here and there, they were so amateur. I was tempted to teach him my technique where he would have both boobs in his palms. Then I had to face reality...this kid was trying to get fed not arouse.
What I believe is as we grow we lose touch with our childhood and innocence. Child's play, thought, and speech becomes misinterpreted by us. For example, they watch a violent movie and see "red water" coming out from an individual but we see blood and believe they see it as blood. We conclude that would make them become violent but those were our thoughts.
But I envy them, I envy them because they see the world in their eyes and right and wrong is based on what makes them happy. The world had no meaning yet living was everything.


  1. I don't know why the word biscuit makes me giggle.

    and (o_0) at your titty-tactics. shame on u o! *though i'm slightly intrigued*

    Sometimes, i long for that childhood innocence and naivete but until my time machine comes out of the repair shop i'll have to deal with life without the rose tinted glasses.

    1. If you want to learn about "titty-tactics" I could teach know, it isn't that difficult. LoL..but on a serious note, when your time machine comes out hope you could give me a ride back to 1996. There was this boy I forgot to slap and a girl I forgot to Kiss. Thanks.

    2. u can teach me??? I don't know how i feel about that offer o lol

  2. wow..this is funny because it came from the mind of a guy. If I thought that, someone might say I was over thinking it but...
    It's very true... words and actions change over time. sad but true.

  3. Yea, soon (probably) a guy might tell his girlfriend, "I'm turned on, let's Mikki".

  4. red water ke? even the three year old i have hear knows it is blood. and that blood equals pain.
    What we have now is 'adult-erated innocence'