Monday, January 9, 2012

Abusing Rape

The most degrading female sexual abuse I can think of right now is is demeaning and comes with a lot of psychological trauma. I don't believe any man (even with sweet "Obama" words) could justify the act. I believe the occurence is higher than reported, so I won't be surprise if I have females around me that had been raped and they locked that experience in their unconscious as if it never happened. The reason is simple, the hurt was too much for them to voice out. An event in these past few days made me believe some females abuse rape (sic).
There was a report in the news (2010) where a woman claimed to have been raped by a guy she met after they had drinks together. The female seemed to have a point until the jury requested to see what she wore and how he removed it. She had claimed the guy ripped it off her but it wasn't a sexy was skinny jeans. Those ones that felt like a second skin...they Jury had to say it was too tight to be removed "without any sort of collaboration" and she lost the case. Those guys (like me) that have tried hooking up with the "stop it! stop it! kind of girls" know if the girl was wearing skinny jeans, getting there was a loooooong thing. You definitely needed "collaboration".
I have the notion females claim they were raped after having sex with someone they never believed they would kiss not to mention seeing them in their "birthday suit". Especially when the sexual experience was poor. I remember the last day of my finals in the University of Lagos, after going to a bar with colleagues to get wasted a friend with a car dropped some of us back in school. He met an excited girl (he didn't know) who was also celebrating the completion of her finals. She was also intoxicated. He invited her to continue the celebration in his apartment which she obliged. They had mad unprotected sex and in the morning, after their eye don clear, he dropped her back in school. They couldn't even say a word to each other and neither of them knew the other person's name, it was the highest level of a one-night-stand. I have this belief she would claim she was raped (in her mind) and if she knew the guy, she would probably charge him to court for it.
Now, one of my guys fucked a girl yesterday. Two days ago (from today), she claimed to have been raped three days ago (from today). In case you are confused....
Friday--- got raped
Saturday--- told him she got raped
Sunday--- got fucked by him
Now, his was consensual but claimed Friday's own wasn't. She was supposed to come over to his place the day she was raped when she met one of her neighbours who she knew had a thing for her. She decided to spend some time with him before seeing my guy. He invited her to a fast food joint where she ate to her satisfaction, the next destination was a hotel room. This two lived in the same building...why the f*ck did she walk with him into a hotel room? Definitely not to discuss any issue of national importance. She wasn't planning any legal action, just wanted my guy to know she was raped. I told my guy, she probably told him because he knew the guy she claimed raped her. The guy was a loud mouth mo'fucker and he could brag to him that "I f*ck your chic" and she wouldn't want to appear as a slut if he said that. If my guy loved her and took her case would definitely blow into something everyone involved wouldn't know how to handle.
I am not suggesting every female that got raped deserved it or it was their fault BUT females should stop abusing rape.


  1. I have the notion females claim they were raped after having sex with someone they never believed they would kiss not to mention seeing them in their "birthday suit".

    While i would agree that some women have abused the word 'rape', they are fewer and far in between. please dont harbour under that notion.

    I'm sure if a guy was threatening to kill me or bludgeon my head with a rod and i was wearing skinny jeans, depending on whether i prefer to die quick or live to see another day, I might collaborate and remove my skin tight jeans. mscheew.

    1. What you say you would do in such unfortunate incident is actually the best solution.

  2. Boyz ARE N☺T SMILLIN...:::: (-_-)