Friday, January 20, 2012

Subsidy Adjustment Programme {SAP}

When I talk about SAP I am not referring to the World Bank Structural Adjustment Programme BUT Subsidy Adjustment Programme. Like the former, its goal was the efficient utilization of financial resources. Since Goodluck Jonathan decided to implement policies that led to inflation, it was wise to adopt personal policies to cut spending and increase savings. This post isn't to crack anyone up, afterall, these are my experiences.
My first day at work post apocalyptic subsidy removal motivated my subsidy adjustment programme. My transport fare to/from work was N260. Now, I spent N240 just to get to work. I just had a sacarstic smile as I kept paying my fare. I decided to humble myself and become available for free rides. I leave work by six and walk to a neighbour's workplace to enjoy free ride. Who am I to complain if he leaves work 9 pm as long as it saves me money. Even people that usually pay my fare when we coincidentally board the same bus now "so ju nu" a.k.a ignore, until we alight at the bus stop and act the scene of "oh! You were in the same bus? I didn't see you."
For the first time I initiated a break up, all those unnecessary P had to be put on hold. I told the chic, "I want to break up" and she said "Don't get what you mean?" (I had no idea what the question mark at the end of the statement was for). I had to explain the obvious. Two days later she called to confirm if I was serious. I was like, "yea, I didn't stutter the first time."
I also realised if I go on like this I would have no choice than to be faithful because the cost of promiscuity is high (for now). Even my GM advised me to stay off having too m(any) girls. He was like, you see how girls are after you with the "change" you earn, wait till you start earning MONEY. Then I thought about it, maybe I try out school for a year. See if I would become a master in something.
Don't get it twisted, money didn't determine my lifestyle. These were mere changes to meet financial needs. An event occured at work that made me realise I still wasn't moved by money. A staff was supposed to give someone in my department an amount of money, 6 figures. In the person's absence the staff dropped the money on the person's table without informing anyone. The money was there wrapped with a piece of paper by the sides. My co-worker returned to find the money on the table and by the time it was counted she realised it was N10,000 short. The staff was defensive and said someone in my department must have been responsible. I knew that was the idea when the money was left carelessly on the table. The staff obviously did not bring the correct amount and created a window period where someone could be accused of stealing from the money. If I was truly motivated by money with the knowledge of the intention, I would have taken out of it and still blame it the staff. I see the staff's action as a negative Subsidy Adjustment Programme and it shouldn't be encouraged.


  1. Talk about 'no romance without finance' lol

    Wow, 2010 I was paying 250/300 to get to walk and back (Lekki-Luth), I guess with SAP and Lekki toll I would now be paying 600. Crazy man crazy!!

  2. I'm still getting the romance...not just from people who demand the finance.