Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beware of the Rise of the Miracle Jeans

I grew up believing females were attracted to "fakeness". I found support for my belief in their love/dependence on makeup, weaves...and even the wrong type of guys. By the time I was old enough I realised I was right and thought I had developed "immunity" to see through all those and spot a girl that looked beautiful as a result of "packaging" from a distance. I developed rules like "don't tell a girl you are seeing for the first time in the dark that she was beautiful, because the sun might make you see the light and change your mind". But lately, I've found myself staring at females [women/mothers in disguise] that I should not even notice as I walk pass them and I believe I know source of the deception. BEWARE OF THE RISE OF THE MIRACLE JEANS.
Miracle jeans are what I call any jeans that make the bottom half of a female sexy/attractive. Years ago I noticed it was common among underage. I'll be walking down the street and see someone ahead of me and from the back view I conclude the girl HAD to be beautiful. The jeans would package her ass/hips that I speed up my steps but after seeing her face I would realise she probably just clocked 13. These days those jeans are being worn by mothers (of five), females that should have retired in the game. I see them wearing miracle skinny jeans that would make you think they were beautifully in their 20s BUT you literally don't want to fuck with what you see from the front view. It tells a different story as you see the scars of the years she had lived on her skin. There was a prostitute/mother of 4 who preferred to wear miracle skinny jeans than anything short because of her legs. (Don't ask me how I know) her customers say it looked like she had s bad case of chicken pox as a child. I had disgraced myself few times by dropping a line as I walk pass the female wearing miracle skinny jeans and as I take a look over my shoulder to see the reaction, I see one "retired" female smiling back and that is not only spoils the mood.
I am not suggesting females to stop wearing sexy outfits all because they were taken/married. I personally would prefer my chic to be sexy till death. I fell there should be a sign at the ass region of the miracle jeans that should say the female's status and her age. What do you think?


  1. u are so rude lol. where can one find these miracle jeans?!? my jeans don't do anything special!

  2. I'm sure you have...all you babes have at least one. You'll know the one you wear when you want to get your freak on.