Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Have Made Enemies, but I Have Kept Friends

I believe it is only natural to introspect as the year runs to an end. A solemn view of how the year passed by, goals achieved and achieved goals [sic]. You know, how everything turned out.

2012/2013 comparative analysis couldn't be more satisfying. On a month by month basis I have grown. One is my job, as much as I can [honestly] admit it's unsatisfying, a three-something seven figures Naira [tax inclusive] package is rewarding for an entry level. It gives time to discover myself financially with a view of who I could become when I earn multiple that. I also see the true self of people around me. Money not only change the owner but friends as well.

So lot happened within the year and it's quite unfortunate I did not update frequently. By the way, remember [D]? <-- you can click there. She is now a mum...Hurray, she deliver September 22. She can finally get all the sex she wanted.

This year was crazy though. [Any] still will not talk to me and we boarded the same bus twice, back-to-back, and I didn't say a word. Maybe it was my loss. I cant believe the level of animosity that can make her not answer my call. Am I deserving of such negative...whatever.

The best quote to describe my year is "I have made enemies...but I have kept friends". Those we rolled together when I still had matriculation number are still here and that's all that matters. Oh well...lets' see what happens as we count down.