Monday, February 20, 2012

Put The Blame On The Cameraman

Who was to blame for an ugly picture? The photographer behind the lens or the person in front of the lens. There were times I heard women complain to photographers that he "didn't snap me well", well, who was to blame? As in, doesn't a camera make it possible to replicate visual reality. If that was the case then free the photographer from any sort of blame. Thanks to technology we now have Photoshop to distort reality. For those who makeup failed to give them their desire look, computer generated imagery was the solution (at least on paper). For that smooth even toned skin, big breast, and sparkling white teeth.
There was this woman, she was a typical example of why men shouldn't get carried away with pictures. Her photos told huge lies, a master deceit. On pictures she could compete with Beyonce, no jokes. But in reality...LOoOoooooL...Damn! She was the sh!t (literally). It was as if her parents somehow raped each other to conceive her. There was no joy in her looks. So it was understandable why all her pictures were photoshoped.
There was this man that got her Blackberry PIN and had been chatting with her on BBM. He had no fucking idea of how she looked outside her display pictures and he already confessed his love. Even if he was lying (which I hope for his good), the day he sees her in person would make him realise he had been played. You can't f*ck this (unless you were high on crack cocaine...maybe).
Anyway, that was her personal business. Who am I to judge? An issue came up though, people had to submit there full length pictures for security reasons. She submitted one of her sexy photoshoped pictures and it was refused. The officer looked at the picture then her resemblance. He asked, "Is this your picture?" She nodded. That was when the officer said, "I can't take this". She demanded for a reason which the officer found difficult to respond without being offensive. I understood the situation, if the picture was used on posters in the unfortunate event of her being missing (or wanted), there was no fucking way she would be found even if she stood beside one of the posters. The only thing the officer could say was, "erm...the background, it's too bright. Let me use my phone to snap you now and I'll print it later". The lady responded, "And I told that cameraman o, that the background was too bright".


  1. LOL....don't blame her, who doesn't want to look good?

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  3. I wish her luck though. Being unattractive in the mid 30s must be traumatic for her

  4. Because of image enhancing applications that we have now, the beauty we see in the cover of magazines are not real.

  5. Do you proof read the stuff you write? You should! Good thinking behind the content, but your expression does not keep me interested. You really should proof read Ade, or get someone to do it for you.

    1. Well, I'm a phone blogger. I just type whatever I want & press "SEND". I could use a...proof reader but I doubt I would like the outcome.

      And I write on this blog the same way I talk so...anyway, thanks for reading. I'll have to revise my Brighter Grammar Book 1 to 6 before my next post.