Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Year Gone: Deji Sonoiki

"On Tuesday, February 22, 2011, word circulated that a student had just been buried at Atan Cemetery, close to the campus in Yaba, Lagos. This prompted investigations and soon enough it was discovered that the boy, Ayodeji Sonoiki, a student of the Department of History and Strategic Studies in the Faculty of Arts had been shot and killed by gunmen on Friday, February 18, 2011."

I knew Deji through Saha but I got to know first hand he was a nice genuine person...I remember this guy and smile because I had wonderful experiences with him.
I remember the BBQ parties at Computer in the University of Lagos on the 1st of February, which was his birthday. I am bad with birthday dates but I remember his because it was that fun.

I remember when his Department was having their final year public lecture at Art Block. While those that attended the lecture were waiting for their refreshment. I was passing by with Saha and we gate crashed the event. Deji gave us drinks and snacks and we walked into the event with something to eat. While those that had been there looked at us with their hungry faces, like, how come these guys are eating before us and they didn't have to pretend to pay attention to the lecture...LOL...we no send nobody.

I remember the last time I saw him. It was the night of February 14, 2011. Yea, Val's day. It was in front of Newest Hall, he was with a girl buying "risky burger". I had to tell him that was the most romantic act I had seen, taking a girl out on Val's day to buy risky burger".

And that was it. Friday, February 18th 2011 brought his life to an end. I knew if he was around, there would have been one more party of the 1st of this month, and we would have celebrated his convocation on the 15th of February and 18th of February would have been just another day.


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