Friday, February 24, 2012

Iya Titi's Family Business

I remember on my way to primary school I used to stop at Iya Titi's shop to buy biscuits, sweets, know, that kin thing. It was that big and the contents of the shop could be way less than ₦50,000. On my way to work today I realised Titi had taken over the family business. That's like 15 years later. Titi was now being called Iya Seun, after her first child, by the kids who came for school supplies. I saw it as a beginning of an empire, that's if her daughter Seun decide to take over from her Mum.

Not all families could have the type of empire built by the Okoya, Folawiyo, and Dangote, but anyone would be good in this generation where most people don't know what they would love to do. I know people that have acquired degrees, Masters, aiming for Ph.D and still had no idea what they would like to do for a living. They turned being a student to a fulltime occupation.

For Titi a.k.a Iya Seun, having a family business to inherit no doubt had its merits/demerits. The downside circled round if she wasn't interested in selling buscuits and sweets for the rest of her life. The good thing was she had something to do while she figured out something, after all she was now the MD/CEO. While someone like me the future of me and my kids' was in my hands (what a pressure).


  1. I wonder why more Nigerians don't stick to such enterprise. You'll be surprised that the small shop is part of what trained the children in the family.

    1. With State universities charging as high as ₦150,000 for tuition, the family needs a lot of small shops.