Sunday, February 26, 2012

How I Met Your Mother

I've a been (un)fortunate to meet guys that were mother fuckers (sic) seriously, these guys would f*ck your Mum. I know, it might gross you out but the word "cougar" won't exist if there weren't women that preferred fucking younger guys. And don't be mistaken to assume it was a western thing, this happens everywhere.
I know a guy, quite huge for his age. For some reasons (I have no idea) mothers love him. I might be walking down the street with him and while I say "'sup" to girls he would be exchanging plesantries with the Mothers. At first, I saw it as being respectful but when a mother begin to tell the daughter to invite him over, you have to guess something was wrong.
One other guy I knew met the daughter before the mum. The girl invited him over when she was home alone only for the mother to walk in on them...gisting. The daughter expected the Mum to flare up for inviting a guy over, instead she sat there and joined the conversation. She began to give the guy her best sexy look. Fast forward to days later, he was fucking the Mum and the daughter. The mum had the balls to tell the guy, "I know you are fucking my daughter but she can't be as sweet as me".
I don't think fucking older women is strange, What I do know is that I wouldn't f*ck a woman that was too old and might as well type, "No user serviceable parts inside" on her forehead.
I know there are people who would confidently say their mum (or grandmum) can't do such, even they wouldn't if they were married with kids. I won't try to prove you wrong, you must be young to think that. Look at it this way, when you were 10 years and you were asked your age you probably replied, "I am 10 years old". Same when you were probably 20. Now imagine being 30 to 40 years, the "OLD" begins to have literal meaning when you say it. By then you would have forgotten the last time you heard "You are beautiful". When a yound chap walks into your life and says it, believe me, you'll want one for the road.
A woman in my area preferred fucking a young neighbour while her husband was away. I'm fucking straight but I have to admit the guy was effing handsome. Sometimes she would sneak out with an excuse of buying provisions and go for a quickie. The guy wasn't only making her feel young but was also teaching her new tricks, like how to smoke marijuana. She made her feel young. The husband walked in on them one morning after a U-turn from work and caught them red handed. What followed was tears. Yea, he was crying. To be honest, when your wife was fucking a younger handsome guy you had to admit your validity period had expired. By the way, the marriage was still intact. All she had to do was go to her hometown for months and the guy was banned from residing on the street. I know guys like these would have something interesting to say to the woman's kids about "how I met your mother".

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