Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012: What? Why? How?

January 2012 would be over in few hours but there are questions it failed to answer and probably February would do justice to them.

• What was behind the fuel subsidy removal and who constitute the Cabal?

• How did the FG convince the NLC to cancel the anti-subsidy removal strike OR how much did they offer?

• Why can't Real Madrid defeat Barcelona?

• Can a club just buy Tevez even if it was Shooting Stars of Ibadan and let him play football?

• Why did Wenger sub Oxlade-Chamberlin for Arshavin?

This isn't a question but Djokovic is the man.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Most Expensive Facebook Page/ National Sports Commission Nigeria

As you can see the page is (not) different from any other Facebook page but cost the Nigeria Government N1.2million ($8,000) to create. The page was just $8,000 more expensive than the cost of creating a typical Facebook page.
The wall is painted white which is (not) unique, as well as other features. Rumour says Zukerberg created it personally.
It seems nobody knew it existed prior to the cost of the site got into the news. The site had less that 4000 people "liking" the page and now, over 1000 people "liked" the page in 30 minutes (and growing). Maybe that was the plan.
However, you could access important information, like there is a link to the commission's website for more info(which doesn't open). Maybe it was to save cost. If N1.2 was to create a Facebook page, I wonder how much a website would cost.

Actually, this isn't the most expensive Facebook page. The honour goes to Malaysia. 
The Malaysian Tourism Ministry spent a staggering amount of close to RM1.8 million to create its official “Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia” Facebook page. That's about $588,712.42. At least it had more pictures than the National Sports Commission Nigeria page

malaysian tourism facebook cuti-cuti malaysia

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The $1000 Theme Song

I've heard people say, "you don't know a person's real attitude until they are rich". However, the definition of being wealthy/rich is relative. What I mean was, if it would take an individual to be worth $1,000,000 to change her/his attitude, it might take another individual $1,000 only. The later was seen in an individual with "poverty mentality" and I have a saying, "poverty has no hiding place". When an individual was broke you smell/see/feel it. Now, to the experience.
One of these new generation churches that sound like a professional exam, HICC, decided to hold a competition. The competition was about recording a theme song for the church and had a $1,000 prize money. Everyone who could talk thought they could sing (exaggeration) and recorded something. One of the members approached a producer to record the theme song he wrote. After laying the beat the producer suggested he got a female singer to voice. A female (choir)member of the congregation voiced it after demanding payment of N10,000. In 30 minutes the voicing was done and in few weeks time the song was declared the winner, yea, $1,000 ONLY. The guy WHO wrote the song was given a Naira equivalent of N150,000.
Looking at it from a professional angle, the guy had paid the babe and no need for further payment. He had invested N10,000 he used to pay her initially excluding studio cost. For the sake of goodwill he decided to give her N15,000 out of the prize money but this babe demanded N60,000. If I were to be in the guy's situation I would walk away without paying her anything after she said that. Stupidity + greed needs to be punished with avoidance. He made an attempt to make her see everyone else in the picture he had to settle but this babe believed the theme song wouldn't have won if she had not voiced it. She obviously had no idea no one was indispensable [ask Tevez]. He gave her N30,000 and she made an extra demand that he should also pay her brothers, three of 'em. For some reasons I do not see as rational, he paid the three brothers N3,000 each. That was N30,000 for the babe and N9,000 for the brothers.
This guy went home hoping it had been settled only for her to show up in his place early the next morning. She returned the N30,000 he gave her the previous night and said it wasn't enough. For more reasons I still see as irrational, he increased it to N55,000. When you sum up this amount and the previous N10,000 he paid her and the N9,000 for the brothers, this babe got N74,000. While he was left with N76,000 including other cost incurred.
I once wrote on my Facebook wall that I see a significant number of females of my generation not getting married, a guy asked me why I held such thought. This was one of the reasons. Most girls were too financially hungry for my liking and not interested in making money through hard work. What this babe doesn't know was that such actions would be used to label/judge her. I won't be surprised if she spend the money on something stupid like a Blackberry because the day she voiced the song it was a rubber band used to hold her phone together.
I would not put all the blame on the babe, the guy deserve some credit in the aspect. I would have laughed as she was making such demands and pay her N50 only to buy biscuits for her and her brothers on her way home.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Child's Play

I came across a post months ago, about how words changed in meanings and context as we grow. I remember a line that went like "when I was young, Pussy meant cat, but now...". The post suggested that these new meanings had replaced the previous one (like the one given above). What I've noticed was that the previous meaning still remain (at least to kids).
There were times Kids play or say things that made we react. I would feel like interrupting them because I interpreted what they were doing as sexually explicit + corrupt. You know kids usually play "daddy and mummy", well, there is this boy in my area that loves that. Now the problem I see was he prefered playing it with boys, "daddy and em...daddy", even his peers felt uncomfortable playing such role. He looks so innocent and to him he wasn't doing anything wrong. But I've grown to know guys like Elton John and George Michael and the way I interpreted his actions was that he was displaying gay tendencies. I don't have anything against homosexuals but I believe if there was anyway to prevent a child going down that lane then it should be done.
Another aspect I feel uncomfortable with was with the way most 3 to 5 years old dress nowadays. Maybe it had to do with my area but you see these girls wearing short skirts. I told a 5 years old once to learn to dress decent. But her face was blank as if she had no idea of the words coming out from my mouth. Truth is to them they were wearing clothes but to me if a 20 years old should wear that then she had to be in a club or a beach. You don't wear such just to buy biscuits. I feel it was more than the way they dress, I am uncomfortable with kids getting into pop culture. I heard a girl sing once, she had a very beautiful voice but I was totally not cool with the choice of song (T-Pain, "5 o'clock)..."It's 5 o' clock in the morning/ Conversation got boring/ You said you'd go into bed soon/ So I snuck off to your bedroom..." Why should a 5 year-old sing such? Anyway....#sigh
I won't deny I learn from these kids though...like how to beg with puppy dog eyes. And sometimes I want to help 'em out. Like one day I was in a bus, beside me was a woman with her kid on her lap. This kid was trying to get fed by bringing out the breast from the bra. All his techniques made me laugh, putting his hands here and there, they were so amateur. I was tempted to teach him my technique where he would have both boobs in his palms. Then I had to face reality...this kid was trying to get fed not arouse.
What I believe is as we grow we lose touch with our childhood and innocence. Child's play, thought, and speech becomes misinterpreted by us. For example, they watch a violent movie and see "red water" coming out from an individual but we see blood and believe they see it as blood. We conclude that would make them become violent but those were our thoughts.
But I envy them, I envy them because they see the world in their eyes and right and wrong is based on what makes them happy. The world had no meaning yet living was everything.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sterlin' Bank...the One Customer [Only] Bank

I'm not a Bank person, probably because I believe the institution had the worst customer care (that is debatable once we consider MTN/Airtel/Glo/Etisalat). The first/last (and hopefully ONLY) time I was in WEMA Bank I had so much to say/write that a staff had to comment on my blog post. This time, someone requested I help deposit N1,000 into the daughter's account with Sterling Bank...the one customer bank. It was my first time of stepping into a branch. I have to mention, by the time I stepped out I was convinced they took their slogan "one customer bank" literally.
Location: Awolowo way, Ikeja.
As I stepped into the premises I noticed it had just a door into the building #ONE DOOR. I was also the only person about to get in and maybe that was the bank's idea- one customer at a time. It was weird because the banks I was familiar with experienced high influx of customers during the last opening hour of the day. The time was 10 minutes to 4 o'clock and I was the only one present. I stepped in and noticed the staff behind the counter were poorly dressed. Maybe because it was a Friday but Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) staff dressed all days of the week as if they were going to a party. I got a deposit slip to fill and stayed on the queue which had only me on it #ONE CUSTOMER ON THE QUEUE. The guy and babe behind the counter were attending to customers #ONE GUY AND ONE BABE BEHIND THE COUNTER, I had to stand and just...look round. The bank looked like a waste of space. Spacious and not buzzing with activities. My thought had the idea of renting the space by the corner to make/sell my roasted plantain a.k.a Boli. I'll also sell recharge/call cards (everyone sells recharge/call cards). Like a minute later the floor manager (I think) began to shout "One Customer! One customer!" #SHOUT ONE CUSTOMER. The staff behind the counter began to hurry up. I was confused, probably it was a code to run or something. I took a step back and began to think of where to run if I see the staff leave the counter. The lady was the first to be through and called me to come forward. I later learnt from a staff they say/scream/shout "One customer!" when they wanted...sh!t, I've forgotten. The staff told me it had nothing to do with me.
I didn't write this to diss Sterling Bank, just don't understand why they decided to literally build a bank around a slogan. I mean, on the 19th of January 2012 their share price was N0.98 which was just two kobo less than #ONE NAIRA.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To Stop Being a Nigerian

Thanks to GEJ I've heard frequently from Nigerians how they wished they weren't citizens of the country. I have decided to let you know how...actually looks easy but I know the "Nigeria factor" would set in. You'll probably have to bribe to renounce citizenship. Anyway, I got it from the Nigeria constitution.

Renunciation of Citizenship
29. (1) Any citizen of Nigeria of full age who wishes to renounce his Nigerian citizenship shall make a declaration in the prescribed manner for the renunciation.

(2) The President shall cause the declaration made under subsection (1) of this section to be registered and upon such registration, the person who made the declaration shall cease to be a citizen of Nigeria.

(3) The President may withhold the registration of any declaration made under subsection (1) of this section if-
(a) the declaration is made during any war in which Nigeria is physically involved; or
(b) in his opinion, it is otherwise contrary to public policy.

(4) For the purposes of subsection (1) of this section.
(a) "full age" means the age of eighteen years and above;
(b) any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Subsidy Adjustment Programme {SAP}

When I talk about SAP I am not referring to the World Bank Structural Adjustment Programme BUT Subsidy Adjustment Programme. Like the former, its goal was the efficient utilization of financial resources. Since Goodluck Jonathan decided to implement policies that led to inflation, it was wise to adopt personal policies to cut spending and increase savings. This post isn't to crack anyone up, afterall, these are my experiences.
My first day at work post apocalyptic subsidy removal motivated my subsidy adjustment programme. My transport fare to/from work was N260. Now, I spent N240 just to get to work. I just had a sacarstic smile as I kept paying my fare. I decided to humble myself and become available for free rides. I leave work by six and walk to a neighbour's workplace to enjoy free ride. Who am I to complain if he leaves work 9 pm as long as it saves me money. Even people that usually pay my fare when we coincidentally board the same bus now "so ju nu" a.k.a ignore, until we alight at the bus stop and act the scene of "oh! You were in the same bus? I didn't see you."
For the first time I initiated a break up, all those unnecessary P had to be put on hold. I told the chic, "I want to break up" and she said "Don't get what you mean?" (I had no idea what the question mark at the end of the statement was for). I had to explain the obvious. Two days later she called to confirm if I was serious. I was like, "yea, I didn't stutter the first time."
I also realised if I go on like this I would have no choice than to be faithful because the cost of promiscuity is high (for now). Even my GM advised me to stay off having too m(any) girls. He was like, you see how girls are after you with the "change" you earn, wait till you start earning MONEY. Then I thought about it, maybe I try out school for a year. See if I would become a master in something.
Don't get it twisted, money didn't determine my lifestyle. These were mere changes to meet financial needs. An event occured at work that made me realise I still wasn't moved by money. A staff was supposed to give someone in my department an amount of money, 6 figures. In the person's absence the staff dropped the money on the person's table without informing anyone. The money was there wrapped with a piece of paper by the sides. My co-worker returned to find the money on the table and by the time it was counted she realised it was N10,000 short. The staff was defensive and said someone in my department must have been responsible. I knew that was the idea when the money was left carelessly on the table. The staff obviously did not bring the correct amount and created a window period where someone could be accused of stealing from the money. If I was truly motivated by money with the knowledge of the intention, I would have taken out of it and still blame it the staff. I see the staff's action as a negative Subsidy Adjustment Programme and it shouldn't be encouraged.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've been in moments where I retrospect into my childhood and I said, "thank God not all childhood dreams and wishes came to past". When you take a second to think about it, you'll realise the (outrageous) demands we made to our parents or even got down to our knees and prayed to God. If all my wishes did come true, I would be an albino with a shiny black hair like (the white) Michael Jackson.

I used to think albinos where white and being white to me was cool. This could be because the cool people I saw on TV then were white, Rambo, Jackie Chan...Ultimate Warrior. I would pray reverently and would try not to barb thinking that was the secret to having the long hair I desired. But NOW, I hope people don't take this as offensive but the last time I saw an albino standing, arms crossed, I thought it was a mannequin striking a complex pose. I remember an episode of Oprah where a female albino spoke about being discriminated against, then I realised that being white/albino were two different things. I use to think albinos would be difficult to point out in a land of majority light-skinned but now I know.

I do feel for albinos. There was a guy in my area who liked to constitute with his peers after school. For obvious reason he was always recognised as a culprit in all their mischief. You would see...dark-skinned, dark-skinned, albino, dark-skinned. That made me conclude that albinos might be unsuitable for undercover agents. That's on a lighter note compared to the value they were given in some cultures. There are reports in countries including Swaziland where albinos were believed to posses spiritual powers and were sacrificed. But that is just soooo wrong. What I once prayed to have...envied, now became what I'm glad I didn't have.

What I learnt from this experience was sometimes we don't know what we don't need until it was too late to have it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Any Means to Meet an End...

As much as I believe LOVE (if it existed) was an essential ingredient in a relationship, I believe you need a lot more to raise a family. Actually, a lot more of one thing- MONEY. Because by the time you have the take the cost of the economic needs members of you family needed you might be frustrated realising you didn't have the income to afford it. This goal to satisfy such needs make parents think of different (outrageous) means. This experience I'm about to share begun December 2011 before the increase of petrol pump price on the first of January 2012.
Most couples find it financially difficult to raise their family not to mention being a single parent. It was all the stress of a couple in a single parent (not fair). A single parent realised the financial status was in a red light district (fucked up) and needed funds. It was December, a holiday period, where you find yourself spending on what you probably didn't budget for. To make the matter worse, the kids had to resume the session in their private university January. That meant school fees and other allowances. The parent decided on cash in on a shady deal. The deal was one that would surely backfire and the kids were against it. They voiced their opinion but the parent made the point that it was for their benefit...listing all the bills to take care of. The kids were not swayed and kept the parent in check from getting involved. This continued into 2012 when the subsidy removal on petrol pump price led to price of commodities skyrocket. During the stay at home strike/protest period the parent took a walk in a morning and didn't return. That night the kids became worried and decided to call the phone number only for an unknown voice to be on the other end of the line. The voice said the parent had been kidnapped and the kids should watch the news as the parent would be paraded. Then the line went dead. Panic erupted as the kids sensed their parent was in danger. Texts began to bombard the phone as the kids pleaded. Hours later a call came through. It was their parent...
What went down was the parent wanted to stage a kidnap and hoped the kids would be able to talk friends and relatives into contributing for a ransom. That was another shady way the parent cooked up to get money. The conscience, however, took over the parent and couldn't continue with the plan especially after reading the text messages the kids sent.
What I learnt from this experience was that we get so engrossed with satisfying a need that we forget why or for whom in the fisrt place. The need becomes an obsession that we end up hurting those who were the ones that were to protect. Any means to meet an end might be the end.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Glory: Blue Ivy Carter

It is difficult living in a world where people have a strong opinion of you regardless if it was right or not. It hurts knowing those people aren't better off but only feel better pointing fingers at you. I've been in such situations that all I could say was "let me commit the sin, then cast the stone and not the other way round". But this post isn't about me but the joy of Jay-Z and Beyonce.
I'm a fan of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga...probably every entertainer that had been tagged "devil worshipper" or "illuminati" because they are talented. Not surprising these entertainers are at the top of their game. Behind the bright lights these entertainers are human but conspiracy theorist are out to make people think otherwise. I don't have to waste a second on people who are on that ship...all the sh!t you say about them is classified under the Huffington Post WIERD NEWS section so that should give you an idea how sensible scholars see it.
Jay-Z + Beyonce --- Blue Ivy Carter. To me is a wonderful name...beautiful in fact. But conspiracy theorists already have their meaning, already calling her "satan". I learnt from a rapper, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.

I sign out by dropping the lyrics of Glory, Jay-Z's track about his daughter Blue Ivy Carter.
Jay-Z – Glory Lyrics
The most amazing feeling I feel
Words can't describe the feeling for real
Baby I paint the sky blue
My greatest creation was you, you
Ooooh Glory
[Jay-Z - Verse 1]
False alarms and false starts (ugh)
All made better by the sound of your heart (yeah)
All the pain of the last time
I prayed so hard it was the last time
Your mamma said that you danced for her
Did you wiggle your hands for her?
Glory, Glory, Glory, Sorry
Everything that I prayed for
God's gift, I wish I would've prayed more
God makes no mistakes, I made a few
Rough sledding here and there, but I made it through
I wreak havoc on the world, get ready for part 2
A younger, smarter, faster me
So a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of Béy
The most amazing feeling I feel
Words can't describe what I'm feeling for real
Baby I paint the sky blue
My greatest creation was you
[Jay-Z - Verse 2]
Your grand pop died, a nigga fell yeh
Then he died of liver failure
Deep down he was a good man
God damn, I can't deliver failure
Bad ass Lil Hov
2 years old, shopping on Savile Row
Wicked ass lil B
Hard not to spoil you rotten looking like little me
The most beautifulest thing in this world
Daddy's little girl
You don't yet know what swag is
But you was made in Paris
And mama woke up the next day and shot her album package
Last time the miscarriage was so tragic
We was afraid you disappeared
But nah, baby you magic (voilà)
So there you have it, shit happens
Make sure the plane you on is bigger than your carry on baggage
Everybody goes through stuff
Life is a gift love, open it up
You're a child of destiny
You're the child of my destiny
You're my child with the child from Destiny's Child
That's a hell of a recipe
Glory, Glory, Glory, Sorry

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beware of the Rise of the Miracle Jeans

I grew up believing females were attracted to "fakeness". I found support for my belief in their love/dependence on makeup, weaves...and even the wrong type of guys. By the time I was old enough I realised I was right and thought I had developed "immunity" to see through all those and spot a girl that looked beautiful as a result of "packaging" from a distance. I developed rules like "don't tell a girl you are seeing for the first time in the dark that she was beautiful, because the sun might make you see the light and change your mind". But lately, I've found myself staring at females [women/mothers in disguise] that I should not even notice as I walk pass them and I believe I know source of the deception. BEWARE OF THE RISE OF THE MIRACLE JEANS.
Miracle jeans are what I call any jeans that make the bottom half of a female sexy/attractive. Years ago I noticed it was common among underage. I'll be walking down the street and see someone ahead of me and from the back view I conclude the girl HAD to be beautiful. The jeans would package her ass/hips that I speed up my steps but after seeing her face I would realise she probably just clocked 13. These days those jeans are being worn by mothers (of five), females that should have retired in the game. I see them wearing miracle skinny jeans that would make you think they were beautifully in their 20s BUT you literally don't want to fuck with what you see from the front view. It tells a different story as you see the scars of the years she had lived on her skin. There was a prostitute/mother of 4 who preferred to wear miracle skinny jeans than anything short because of her legs. (Don't ask me how I know) her customers say it looked like she had s bad case of chicken pox as a child. I had disgraced myself few times by dropping a line as I walk pass the female wearing miracle skinny jeans and as I take a look over my shoulder to see the reaction, I see one "retired" female smiling back and that is not sexy...it only spoils the mood.
I am not suggesting females to stop wearing sexy outfits all because they were taken/married. I personally would prefer my chic to be sexy till death. I fell there should be a sign at the ass region of the miracle jeans that should say the female's status and her age. What do you think?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Abusing Rape

The most degrading female sexual abuse I can think of right now is RAPE...it is demeaning and comes with a lot of psychological trauma. I don't believe any man (even with sweet "Obama" words) could justify the act. I believe the occurence is higher than reported, so I won't be surprise if I have females around me that had been raped and they locked that experience in their unconscious as if it never happened. The reason is simple, the hurt was too much for them to voice out. An event in these past few days made me believe some females abuse rape (sic).
There was a report in the news (2010) where a woman claimed to have been raped by a guy she met after they had drinks together. The female seemed to have a point until the jury requested to see what she wore and how he removed it. She had claimed the guy ripped it off her but it wasn't a sexy skirt...it was skinny jeans. Those ones that felt like a second skin...they Jury had to say it was too tight to be removed "without any sort of collaboration" and she lost the case. Those guys (like me) that have tried hooking up with the "stop it! stop it! kind of girls" know if the girl was wearing skinny jeans, getting there was a loooooong thing. You definitely needed "collaboration".
I have the notion females claim they were raped after having sex with someone they never believed they would kiss not to mention seeing them in their "birthday suit". Especially when the sexual experience was poor. I remember the last day of my finals in the University of Lagos, after going to a bar with colleagues to get wasted a friend with a car dropped some of us back in school. He met an excited girl (he didn't know) who was also celebrating the completion of her finals. She was also intoxicated. He invited her to continue the celebration in his apartment which she obliged. They had mad unprotected sex and in the morning, after their eye don clear, he dropped her back in school. They couldn't even say a word to each other and neither of them knew the other person's name, it was the highest level of a one-night-stand. I have this belief she would claim she was raped (in her mind) and if she knew the guy, she would probably charge him to court for it.
Now, one of my guys fucked a girl yesterday. Two days ago (from today), she claimed to have been raped three days ago (from today). In case you are confused....
Friday--- got raped
Saturday--- told him she got raped
Sunday--- got fucked by him
Now, his was consensual but claimed Friday's own wasn't. She was supposed to come over to his place the day she was raped when she met one of her neighbours who she knew had a thing for her. She decided to spend some time with him before seeing my guy. He invited her to a fast food joint where she ate to her satisfaction, the next destination was a hotel room. This two lived in the same building...why the f*ck did she walk with him into a hotel room? Definitely not to discuss any issue of national importance. She wasn't planning any legal action, just wanted my guy to know she was raped. I told my guy, she probably told him because he knew the guy she claimed raped her. The guy was a loud mouth mo'fucker and he could brag to him that "I f*ck your chic" and she wouldn't want to appear as a slut if he said that. If my guy loved her and took her case serious...it would definitely blow into something everyone involved wouldn't know how to handle.
I am not suggesting every female that got raped deserved it or it was their fault BUT females should stop abusing rape.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Superficial Me

I used to believe I was blunt...maybe I was but since I began to add a little of sensitivity into what I say I realise I haven't been saying a lot. The things I manage to utter happened to be half truth or pure deception. In this piece I'll talk about the opposite sex, The thing is, I'm not a fine boy...I'm not saying that because people made me believe that or looking down at myself...if anything at all I'll say I'm simply being...modest. And I know (good) looks count for nothing when getting girls and relationship was concerned. I'm one of those who would root for personality, why? With my personality I have "gotten" every girl I wanted to get *thinking* ok, except one Wunmi 'Alako. And even if few of them say otherwise because things didn't end well, well...at one point they had my dick in their mouth so f*ck what they say.
I know I have flaws (and I love it) but when I see flaws in girls I believe they would have to die single because no man was going to live with that. There 's this WOMAN, single, between 30 to 40 years with pimples all over her face, short and worst of all she taaaaaaaaaalks (complains) a lot. Tell me, which guy would be interested in her? I know I'm being shallow but f*ck it if I don't like what I see I very much doubt what I don't. There was also a girl (woman) who said she liked me on Facebook, in my mind I was like "o je bi/as if she had a choice". To put it in a nice way she was UGLY. I remember when we began communicating and I said, "I know you are single". She was surprised and asked, "How did you know?" Damn! And I thought people saw the obvious.
It annoys me when girls I classify as having zero level of attraction act all sexy and "I'm too beautiful for you" BUT they feel comfortable doing that. A girl dressed all glamed up, striking a pose next to a saloon car boot. What I noticed was not what she wore but that her shoulders were on the same level of the boot...SHE WAS short. Then I told myself, this babe might end up having kids that would look down at her literally.
I don't have this thoughts to look down at them and feel "perfect", No! When I have these thoughts a sense of pity follows. I know those things I think of aren't nice but I can't deny they are in my subconscious. That is where self-control comes in...with time I might get rid of these thoughts. Because I know people are beautiful, EVERYONE is but I am superficial.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seriously, Who Voted for Goodluck? (Pt. 3 Definitely Not Me)

While a group of people that (blindly) voted for GEJ are taking jabs at him because of his recent policies...I take this as a moment of pride to say, "Thank God I didn't vote for that Mo'fucker". I have nothing against the guy except he doesn't appear to have any leadership quality. I remember someone that exolted his Ph.D, saying he had to be intelligent. I'm not moved by any Bs.c, Ms.c....and Ph.D, the most retarded lecturer that taught in the University had all those. Saying dumb shit like dogs communicated with the use of red eye.

24hrs before the public statement of fuel subsidy removal, GEJ was on TV declaring state of emergencies on some villages. His balls wasn't man enough to tell Nigerians about what he had in store for us in the new year. That act alone showed cowardice. I remember a dinner Obama attended and said something like he had something important to handle as president but still had to come. He joked....dissed Trump and everyone laughed. Less than 48 hrs later the world realised he got Osama. Those are the kind of issues a president should keep numb about till the last minute. Not one that would change the lives and lifestyles of Nigerians.

Who the hell voted for Goodluck? Definitely not me...I voted with a clear conscience and even though my candidate didn't win I still believe I voted wisely.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: If Not Now, When?

"I have waited
dined on ashes
swung from chandeliers
and climbed Everest,
and none of it's gotten me
close to this.

I've waited all my life
If not now, when will I..."

I am not one to start making resolutions...the end of a year had never been seen as the start of something new but this time, it feels different. I feel I'm at the age/time to make things happen and if I don't, when will I...

"We've been good
even a blast
but don't you feel like
something's missing here?
Don't you dear?

I've waited all my life
If not now, when will I
stand up and face the bright light?
Don't hide your eyes...
It's time."

Yea, I feel it's time to take risks on love, life, and living. Those kind of risks I would usually refer to as "stupid". Risks on love involves commitment, life - freedom, and risk on living involes responsibility.

"No umbrellas
no sunglasses
hell and hallelujah everyday.

I've waited all my life
if not now, when will I
stand up and face the bright light?
Don't hide your eyes...
It's time."

I know it isn't going to be easy...I never expect anything to, this is one thing I need to do for me. "If I am not for myself, who will be? And when I am for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?" (Avot 1:14)