Thursday, January 5, 2012

Superficial Me

I used to believe I was blunt...maybe I was but since I began to add a little of sensitivity into what I say I realise I haven't been saying a lot. The things I manage to utter happened to be half truth or pure deception. In this piece I'll talk about the opposite sex, The thing is, I'm not a fine boy...I'm not saying that because people made me believe that or looking down at myself...if anything at all I'll say I'm simply being...modest. And I know (good) looks count for nothing when getting girls and relationship was concerned. I'm one of those who would root for personality, why? With my personality I have "gotten" every girl I wanted to get *thinking* ok, except one Wunmi 'Alako. And even if few of them say otherwise because things didn't end well, one point they had my dick in their mouth so f*ck what they say.
I know I have flaws (and I love it) but when I see flaws in girls I believe they would have to die single because no man was going to live with that. There 's this WOMAN, single, between 30 to 40 years with pimples all over her face, short and worst of all she taaaaaaaaaalks (complains) a lot. Tell me, which guy would be interested in her? I know I'm being shallow but f*ck it if I don't like what I see I very much doubt what I don't. There was also a girl (woman) who said she liked me on Facebook, in my mind I was like "o je bi/as if she had a choice". To put it in a nice way she was UGLY. I remember when we began communicating and I said, "I know you are single". She was surprised and asked, "How did you know?" Damn! And I thought people saw the obvious.
It annoys me when girls I classify as having zero level of attraction act all sexy and "I'm too beautiful for you" BUT they feel comfortable doing that. A girl dressed all glamed up, striking a pose next to a saloon car boot. What I noticed was not what she wore but that her shoulders were on the same level of the boot...SHE WAS short. Then I told myself, this babe might end up having kids that would look down at her literally.
I don't have this thoughts to look down at them and feel "perfect", No! When I have these thoughts a sense of pity follows. I know those things I think of aren't nice but I can't deny they are in my subconscious. That is where self-control comes in...with time I might get rid of these thoughts. Because I know people are beautiful, EVERYONE is but I am superficial.

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