Saturday, January 28, 2012

The $1000 Theme Song

I've heard people say, "you don't know a person's real attitude until they are rich". However, the definition of being wealthy/rich is relative. What I mean was, if it would take an individual to be worth $1,000,000 to change her/his attitude, it might take another individual $1,000 only. The later was seen in an individual with "poverty mentality" and I have a saying, "poverty has no hiding place". When an individual was broke you smell/see/feel it. Now, to the experience.
One of these new generation churches that sound like a professional exam, HICC, decided to hold a competition. The competition was about recording a theme song for the church and had a $1,000 prize money. Everyone who could talk thought they could sing (exaggeration) and recorded something. One of the members approached a producer to record the theme song he wrote. After laying the beat the producer suggested he got a female singer to voice. A female (choir)member of the congregation voiced it after demanding payment of N10,000. In 30 minutes the voicing was done and in few weeks time the song was declared the winner, yea, $1,000 ONLY. The guy WHO wrote the song was given a Naira equivalent of N150,000.
Looking at it from a professional angle, the guy had paid the babe and no need for further payment. He had invested N10,000 he used to pay her initially excluding studio cost. For the sake of goodwill he decided to give her N15,000 out of the prize money but this babe demanded N60,000. If I were to be in the guy's situation I would walk away without paying her anything after she said that. Stupidity + greed needs to be punished with avoidance. He made an attempt to make her see everyone else in the picture he had to settle but this babe believed the theme song wouldn't have won if she had not voiced it. She obviously had no idea no one was indispensable [ask Tevez]. He gave her N30,000 and she made an extra demand that he should also pay her brothers, three of 'em. For some reasons I do not see as rational, he paid the three brothers N3,000 each. That was N30,000 for the babe and N9,000 for the brothers.
This guy went home hoping it had been settled only for her to show up in his place early the next morning. She returned the N30,000 he gave her the previous night and said it wasn't enough. For more reasons I still see as irrational, he increased it to N55,000. When you sum up this amount and the previous N10,000 he paid her and the N9,000 for the brothers, this babe got N74,000. While he was left with N76,000 including other cost incurred.
I once wrote on my Facebook wall that I see a significant number of females of my generation not getting married, a guy asked me why I held such thought. This was one of the reasons. Most girls were too financially hungry for my liking and not interested in making money through hard work. What this babe doesn't know was that such actions would be used to label/judge her. I won't be surprised if she spend the money on something stupid like a Blackberry because the day she voiced the song it was a rubber band used to hold her phone together.
I would not put all the blame on the babe, the guy deserve some credit in the aspect. I would have laughed as she was making such demands and pay her N50 only to buy biscuits for her and her brothers on her way home.


  1. That is just really silly of her..The guy should have made her sign a contract or something of that sort after the first payment.
    That is just really really stupid! I still dont understand why the guy kept obliging her!

  2. I would never..because of what?!... She asked for 10k.. w/ or without a contract thats all she gets... He was nice enough to give ger an extra 15k.. smh... what makes matters worse...this is church..

  3. I would never..because of what?!... She asked for 10k.. w/ or without a contract thats all she gets... He was nice enough to give ger an extra 15k.. smh... what makes matters worse...this is church..

  4. Did she write the song or music notes? na wa for this guy. Gotta admire the Christian spirit guiding him shaa cause in layman parlance..he don fall mugu.

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