Friday, August 16, 2013


I write with the belief you might read this and it all goes back to square one- where you totally ignore me. The reason isn't far-fetched and I regretfully attest to being spiteful in the past. I won't make any excuse to justify my actions, that's not why I write this, this is about one thing- I LOVE YOU and that's what matters.

Each day that pass without you strenghtens the possibility of your relationship with another man. My only comfort remains the fact no man can love you like I did/do/forever will (except Jesus Christ- that's just being real).

For a minute, please remember the experiences we had, it wasn't bad, was it? Remember when...and when... Remember the silly things I said that made you smile, those were real. I believe I showed potential to be a better man...I am now a better man. "My Psychology will not waste".

Please give me that opportunity to create new/better experiences, for you, for me, for us.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are You Done Yet?

A friend was on his way to Akoka and I decided to tag along- home was a bit dull. I updated my status, something I rarely do, about my destination. In less than a minute my phone rang.
"Hello...blah blah blah, who's on the line?" I asked.
"It's me, Mercy a female voice responded.

I checked the caller ID, just the phone number. My delayed response informed her in time of my confusion.

"I'm Seun's friend" she added.

"Oh! How are you doing?"

"You are in my area, where exactly are you?"

A quick background about how I met the babe. A year ealier I was in a friend's place. A babe was on her way to his place. That babe was Seun. Seun came over with a friend, Mercy.
My friend needed quality time with Seun so I had to initiate conversation with Mercy- which I did well. In the end, I got some while my friend had dry balls.
I didn't see Mercy after that.

Back to the future: She invited me over and I visited. She talked about her boyfriend- how he misbehaved. I watched her lips move and out of concern I invited her over to my place.

She came over the following day with a friend, it wasn't Seun. I was home alone and no one around to keep the friend busy. We all chilled in Stamford Bridge and I needed her to chill know.
I called her out of my room and said I wanted to talk to Mercy. She was willing to sit alone in the living room...finally.

I expected Mercy to be uncomfortable because her friend could hear our soundtrack but na lie.

1000 thrusts later I stepped out to invite the friend in. Her opening statement was, "are you done yet?"
She said it like, I know what you guys were up to and don't stop on my account. Like...this wasn't the first time she would wait while her friend fucked.

I grew with the perception girls loved coded parole, but now it's clear that wasn't a key factor if they will f*ck you or not. They don't give a f*ck if your family was next door, that'll still f*ck you and not feel bad.

Mehn...maybe in the future sex tapes won't mean sh!t.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unsung Nero

"You are nobody till somebody kills you" Notorious B.I.G. (un)fortunately he didn't end up as a nobody. His fate was the same as heroes past- death added a stamp of authenticity to their struggle and opposition faced. But it wasn't everyone killed for what they believed in that enjoy life after death. Some names get buried with the owners, however, what they fought for outlive 'em. I guess that's who we call unsung hero.

Now, the unsung Nero? I see 'em as those that die and we don't know sh!t about 'em. It came to me as I passed by a decapitated body on the bridge. I could not make up the body parts I saw not to mention identification. How it got there...that's up to CSI-like, BAU-like teams to answer, but fact is someone died/killed.

That was someone's brother or sister, father or mother...grandfather or grandmother. A fact is that person might never be identified. In such situation, the relatives (if any) will forever assume she/he was missing- conducting search parties instead of a burial party.

I witnessed cases of unsung neros at work. Individuals that died in service and guess what? Life goes on, work goes on. No monument or portal to recognise their service to an organisation that paid for it.
Someone eventually get employed to fill that position without an idea who occupied it- who contributed to the point she/he was hired.

I care less about hero/nero...I welcome life and all it brings (including death) as long as I live a life that ends with a smile on my face. What a "Hero"!!!!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

He's Too Proud

One of the bullshit I-care-less opinion I got a lot of lately is "You are too proud". The speakers/judges happen to be the opposite sex who arrive at such conclusion after I take a stand or statement that showed I wasn't in the mood to eat the sh!t I was offered by 'em.

The fact is, I know my worth and my evaluation isn't measured in coins and bank notes. Money comes money goes. J Cole rapped, "they say time is money but really it's not/ If we ever go broke girl...time is all we got/ And you can't make that back"

My interpretation of that is time does not equal money because if you lose time and money, it was most likely to make only money back. So, any chic that attempts to spend that foolishly will see the "proud" me.

Maybe it's the calibre of chics I hang with, you know, those that share that time with series of men and low committment. Those ones that want to share their 24 hours on Saturday with everyone guy that request to see 'em. That's why I make it easy for them and downgrade 'em to "ignore list".

Maybe I need to have a little patience...maybe, but patience is expensive and the paseon had to worth it.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

To Be Honest With Yourself

I see being honest with thy self as one of the most powerful self discovery tool. I mean, feel free to lie to friends but when you extend such deception to thy self then you refuse to know thy self.

The deception could be about body size...which is an obvious one. Now, imagine a fat individual who tell friends she/he wasn't in order not to dampen self-esteem. When the person begin to believe that lie, it could prevent change to a positive lifestyle.

The lies we could tell ourselves vary- from relationships, to "disability".

The importance of being honest is it boosts self confidence- take that from me. Honesty builds self acceptance which is more powerful that the socially constructed self-esteem.

So...whatever lie you tell yourself to maintain a fake smile, it's time to be honest.

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