Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unsung Nero

"You are nobody till somebody kills you" Notorious B.I.G. (un)fortunately he didn't end up as a nobody. His fate was the same as heroes past- death added a stamp of authenticity to their struggle and opposition faced. But it wasn't everyone killed for what they believed in that enjoy life after death. Some names get buried with the owners, however, what they fought for outlive 'em. I guess that's who we call unsung hero.

Now, the unsung Nero? I see 'em as those that die and we don't know sh!t about 'em. It came to me as I passed by a decapitated body on the bridge. I could not make up the body parts I saw not to mention identification. How it got there...that's up to CSI-like, BAU-like teams to answer, but fact is someone died/killed.

That was someone's brother or sister, father or mother...grandfather or grandmother. A fact is that person might never be identified. In such situation, the relatives (if any) will forever assume she/he was missing- conducting search parties instead of a burial party.

I witnessed cases of unsung neros at work. Individuals that died in service and guess what? Life goes on, work goes on. No monument or portal to recognise their service to an organisation that paid for it.
Someone eventually get employed to fill that position without an idea who occupied it- who contributed to the point she/he was hired.

I care less about hero/nero...I welcome life and all it brings (including death) as long as I live a life that ends with a smile on my face. What a "Hero"!!!!

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