Saturday, June 4, 2011

I 'Just' Lost it Last Month

"I just lost it last month," she said. Was she expecting that statement wouldn’t make her look a slut after fucking a guy she had always told she was a virgin? I mean, this chic had been claiming virgin she might as well tattoo it on her forehead, V-I-R-G-I-N, 'cause she acted/talked/looked...damn! She even kissed like one. So blah! blah! blah! After all said and done she decided she was 'ready' only for it to be revealed she wasn't a virgin. Then she said, "I just lost it that month". Ok, if that was to 'just'ify she had been sexually active for a short while and might as well be regarded a virgin she definitely chose a bad start for her career. [At least] two guys within few weeks, the other guy was the one she supposedly lost it to. Even if it was true, considering what she endured during the last round of hot marathon sex, the third guy would never believe she had played for only two teams.

Girls, PLEASE, there is no need to add insult to it and lie you haven't fucked. The fact that you are fucking discreetly says a lot already and don't try to be honourable about it. Don’t say shit like “I only have sex with my boyfriend”, “I don’t have sex within a year of dating”, or “I've decided to stop having sex because it messes up relationships”. With that said, "Fuck your guts for uttering those words, BITCH!"

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