Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Child Soldier Will: Johnny Mad Dog

This was from the movie Johnny Mad Dog performed by General No Good Advice.

It is my will that when I die
Don't bury me, don't bury me
You cut my dick in alcohol
And call my wife and give it to her
And when she cry, let her cry
When she roll let her rock
And what the fuck she thinks she is
She fucking around with my GI dick
Another man will counsel her
Another man will comfort her
Take my rifle and my bonnet
Call my son and give it to him
Let him defend or let him fight
For his country, for his people
It is my will...

Death dealer!, "No die, no rest.
Gentlemen, keep moving."


  1. Really Griping song!!!!! and to witness it eyes of child soldier great movie Recomend it to anyone!!

  2. Love the hell outta this song

  3. The movie __eye opener__ 5 star..