Saturday, June 25, 2011

Poor Romantic Guy

In one of my earlier posts I related creativity with being romantic. A romantic girl/guy was a creative one. Creative in the choice of words with actions and when/how to express it. It is can't be learnt, you had to be born with it. Books might tell you giving flowers to a girl was romantic but not all girls would find that romantic. Anyway, I want to write about two life experiences about guys that attempted to be romantic by being creative, those experiences inspired me to write this piece.

There was a late night show on radio. The kind of show where the host's playlist was made up of classic blues and timeless beautiful serenades that would definitely make you think of a loved one (if you had any) while you hugged your pillow. As usual listeners would call in, make a shout out to a loved one and probably a request. A guy called in, he told the host how wonderful the show was...blah blah blah, and shared a problem. He said he had a girlfriend and they had a fight recently. She had decided to stop picking the guy's calls and never returned his. He requested the host call the girl on his behalf and apologise. The host obliged, got her number and called her on air. After few rings she picked up. He introduced himself and she said she knew who he was. He followed that with a question, "Someone requested I call you. He is someone that loves you very much and said you love him too. He also said you guys' relationship had been on for a while. Guess who the person was?" The girl laughed, that showed she was touched and mentioned the name. The sad part was she didn't mention the name of the guy that called in, it was another guy's name she said. The host stuttered for a while and informed her she was wrong and mentioned the name of the guy. The girl didn't take it lightly, she began to diss the guy that requested the host call her. She painted the guy a stalker that couldn't come to terms she wasn't interested in him. Till the last song played, subsequent callers had to sympathise with the guy. His saving grace was it was on the radio he shamed himself.

The second experience was a guy that decided to throw a surprise party for his girlfriend. He invited her friends and his to celebrate with her. He got a nice hotel for the venue and made sure he got everything she loved. The girl arrived and she was overtly excited. Everyone smiled, even on the faces of girls with envy in their eyes. An hour later the guy signalled the dj to cut the music and held the microphone to make a speech. He called the birthday girl to the centre of the venue for all to see. He confessed his undying love for her and went on a knee to propose. The girl responded, "I can't marry you, it is not as if I didn't tell you before we began dating. I told you then so what made you feel I have changed my mind? A party won't make me change my mind to consider getting married to you." Everyone felt the guy's pain as she strolled out of the party. That was how the party and relationship ended.

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  1. Its sad really. O well, never give up the right girl will come along :-)