Sunday, June 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

This post is not about anyone in particular...especially you Faith.

When I was down I saw people for who they really were and still never used that to judge them. I had an operation and told very few people about it, you were one of the few. How many did times you check on me? ZERO. How many times did you call? NONE. How many flash or "Please Call Me" text? LESS THAN ZERO. But immediately I felt a bit better I decided to check on you. We weren't dating but whatever could make a 'friend' not check on me must be serious enough for me to check on the friend as soon as I could walk. I was still recovering but I was determined to check up on you so I called that I was coming to see you. I got there and you refused to pick my calls making it difficult to see you. I had to see from your changing Blackberry status you were having fun at a party. You saw the missed calls and you did nothing. Apparently I wasted my time. I had to contact you later, NOT you. What is the point of having a 'friend' you can't count on? That you should have asked yourself before you insinuated I wasn't a good friend. Then you turned a habit to saying 'sharrap' and insulting. So you said it when I was in a 'bad' mood and I typed. (•͡_ •͡┌П┐ [fuck you] and apologised few minutes later. Unlike you who call me names and say you were JOKING...I APOLOGISED and you found that enough to paint me black. You tell me you have not changed, if this was you then I was mistaken in the first place. But if it works for you and makes you a better person and more people could testify to that; remain the same.


  1. woow.. that is deep and heartfelt x

  2. aww pele i can see why u pretend to hate girls!lol not all girls are evil though (i sound cliche and i know) but this is the truth.