Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr. Death Died: Jack Kevorkian

He came up with "Patholysis" as a medical term. "Path" meant disease or suffering, while "Lysis" meant destruction. Patholysis; destruction of suffering. Others called what he did assisted-suicide and Dr. Jack Kevorkian became known as Dr. Death.
There are lots of reasons a person might want to end his life, the statement is debatable even the choice to end it in the first place. Politically, Morally, name it, but the fact remained he helped plus or minus 130 people end their lives. These were people that were terminally ill and to be honest, at that moment you don't take drugs to cure yourself but to reduce the pain and prolong the suffering. He served jail time for "patholysis" he conducted on a patient with Lou Gehrig's disease. For those who don't know what that is I will take three words from wikipedia that describes it all "unable to function". Patients with this disease might lose the ability to blink. Normally, Dr. Death designed a machine and all the had to do was push a button and painless dying process began, this patient couldn't even do that. He was jailed for 2nd degree murder cause he had to do it himself.
After 8 years he was released and died with complications associated with pneumonia and kidney problems, probably pulmonary thrombosis 3rd of June, 2011. He had been hospitalised and his death was not assisted. Unlike those he assisted to die, at age 83 he probably had more will to live. Dr. Death, Jack Korvokian, died. I guess that strips him of his title.
You could watch the movie "You Don't Know Jack", Al Pacino played him in character.

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