Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This is Why You Shouldn't Expect an 'Asa Performance' From Tonto Dike

I saw this picture online, apparently this was Tonto Dike in a 'studio' voicing one of her songs.

First of all, look at the producer smiling...alone. Like he just heard a joke but didn't want to laugh out loud. Normally when we hear something funny we usually look at the person/people close to us to share it with, unless the joke was about the person and we don't to make 'em feel insulted. In such situations, we face down and he just did. Tonto had her eyes closed obviously feeling herself & that's why he could get away with it as well. Conclusion, whatever was coming out from her mouth was funny.

Second, Tonto's sitting posture is not one of the best to sing. Especially for someone inexperienced like Tonto. Placing comfort first proves she had no training on how to sing.

Third, the production was done on a laptop, obviously not a Studio laptop, with no voice booth .
The production software was Fruityloops [not bad] BUT 4 to 5 patterns were used. The production/beat of the song would sound 'empty' and the depth of the audio would be low. Like I said, it was not a studio laptop and so I doubt the presence of a high quality sound card. Also since the 'studio' looked more like a room a booth would have been necessary.

Fourth, you see the Blackberry on her lap. That's number one distraction, pinging and singing. For someone like Tonto it would be best if she got rid of all distractions.

The final reason...Tonto's [lack of] acting skill shows she's talentless already, why sing?


  1. Ade!!!! Can't help but say you're on point.

  2. I wrote a comment on Twitter about @Tontolet (Tonto Dike) on Twitter. It was about respecting her for not closing her account regardless the insults. I was RT by her and I got a bit of her insults by people who just want to say something no matter how stupid.

    This chic RT comments about her 'music' either good/bad... that shows courage. I know celebrities who couldn't stand the backlash they got on Twitter.

    I have to be honest, this should be a warning to her not to sing again.