Monday, October 8, 2012

Made In Nigeria: Pictures

I am not sure if it's only me that posses the talent to know the location a picture was taken. I'm referring to pictures with Nigerians in them. I take a look and 99% of the time guess correctly if it was taken in Nigeria or some western country. It doesn't matter if it was taken on the street with whites in the background, or in a room with a wall behind, I guess right.

There is something...different about the picture and the explanation I had was in the air, literally. Probably in Lagos for instance, all the carbon monoxide, body odour, dead rat on the street...all contribute certain chemicals in the atmosphere. Making it more...condensed but becomes obvious [to me] when we take pictures.

Pictures Nigerians take in London [especially during winter] for instance makes them look fresh, like a little bit of photoshop was done.

However, I found the exception and that's the picture above. It was a picture taken during Nigeria's independence day celebration in America. Those peeps in the picture looked like Nigerians in Nigeria. It looked like there were at one of those cool parks in Abuja. Issok,they are supposed to be my people so I shouldn't diss them BUT if they lived over there but looked like they were in Nigeria, it shows some serious hustle going on there. They need to come back home before changing the atmosphere in the United States of America.


  1. Hahhahahaha... Dude! Some of your posts sef. This is funny. I think the folks in the picture look alright. They look like regular people who rolled out of bed and didn't pay much attention to their looks, knowing they would be standing in a crowd for hours. Remember that most people try to intentionally look good for pictures they plan to post to FB or other social media

    1. You are saying they left home without looking good intentionally to attend a public event.