Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sex without Condoms, Girls Love it Better

"Sex without condoms, girls love it better", yes I said it. I am yet to conduct my research but experiences have placed me in a good position to come to that conclusion. By the way, I am NOT referring to married focus is on fornicators. Those who were willing to have (unprotected) sex with someone who wasn't their spouse.

I know a lot of people might want to talk about the dangers of STDs, so I say this to you early, "Shut up! No one steals with the hope of getting caught; no one fucks with the hope of getting 'fucked'. I was made to believe guys had the urge to have sex more than girls especially unprotected sex. That we loved that raw feeling when the soft skin tissue of the penis is drowned in the wetness of a pussy. That WE loved it more, but what a lie.

One quick question, if both sex are aware they could end up having sex, how come it was the guy that would remember most times to bring the condom? I used to believe it was part of the unspoken rule, the guys brings the condom, but I've realised it was more. Girls don't give a damn about condoms. A typical girl would put bunch of stuffs in her bag but no space for condoms? If condoms were important to them like their make ups, it would find a place in their bags.

Another question, how come when you are making out with a girl for the first time and she's naked and wet, she comes to her 'senses' when you reach for a condom and says "stop it"?
I've been in such situation and I know friends as well. I would be making out with a girl...her panties off and I get that window period where her legs her parted for me to enter. The thing was I would have no condom on and as I get up to get it her legs closes. It was as if I failed a test. A friend that had been in such situation said the girl asked, "what do you take me for that you can't f*ck me without condom?" In my situation, the girl I was with said, "Aren't you man enough to know when you want to release?"

Some girls are drastic, they find a way to remove the condom while fucking. Some other girls are indifferent though. Condom or not, they will still f*ck.

I'm in no position to advice but if you really want to f*ck without protection get tested first. I can assure you sex will have more meaning then, until then...prepare to get fucked.


  1. haha... this post is live... yeah, girls like it just as much as us, though i only fuck girls raw when i trust them, plus it helps that i do STD test every 6 months just to make sure i didnt catch anything.... but for the most part, always try to wrap it up sha. but u had a lot of good points.

    1. True's a risk we all take.

  2. like u said,its part of the unspoken rule among other rules like a girl shouldn't ask for sex or tell u she wants to go out with u.
    GUys primarily are fashioned to be an INITIAtors.. Thats how wwe are .. we brings everything to the lady especially in this part of the world.

  3. Sex with a condom is like fucking between the sheets... if u are in a relationship and still using protection after so many months with the lame excuse you dont want any kids any women is goin to start thinking theres something wrong. It may be him it may be her but if you want to bring ur relationship to another level, get close to her. Like real close. There is no other feeling greater than someone u love inside of you an you can feel every little (or big ;) part of them. If you love her you would be willing to risk having a child with her... i mean isnt that what we're on this earth for anyway an if not birth control is not something new

  4. just fuck the girls

  5. Since starting this journey, I have met many women, been on many dates and am currently dating 3 women and seeing whoever I like... my only complaint is I am also so tired all the time from having to 'service' all these bed is almost never empty.

  6. Fuck a road side whore or brothel prostitute without condom and you will enter heaven immediately without seeing Jesus. I have fucked alot of prostitutes raw and the more you fuck them raw, the more you will ask for raw fuck cause of the Sweetness. It's so sweet to fuck promiscuous women raw!!! It's so delicious

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