Friday, December 2, 2011

Police is [Not] Your Friend

I once told a guy we don't waste our time convincing anyone of the obvious, it won't even cross our mind. If you see a mother talking to two of her kids and tells one of them "make sure you clean your room" while the other received a smile. That was a giveaway that the one she smiled at had no problem with getting the room cleaned up. This is why I don't believe in the unofficial slogan of the Nigeria Police, "Police is your friend". As in, if it were true and Nigerians had no issue with the police there would be no need in trying to convince the public. A lot of them are corrupt because they are broke and exploit the position of power they were in. I'm sure every Nigerian would have their tale of how a policeman messed up their day [or life].

Now imagine my shock/surprise this morning as I boarded a bus and by my side was a policeman with a book on his laps. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't surprised that a policeman could actually read BUT the book was titled "Human Rights" by Israel John. I used to think policemen didn't know jack about human rights...I mean, the word didn't exist to them. I kept staring until he became uncomfortable and put the book in a bag. In my mind I was thinking this was a new dawn in the Nigeria Police...reading about human rights.

On my way home this night I noticed a crowd gathered with everyone shouting. Initially I thought someone passed away but as I got closer a friend told me a policeman came to arrest a guy in my area. He pointed at a car surrounded by a mob where the policeman sat in front with his gun in hand. The guy that was arrested occupied the back seat, in the middle of two other men. He added that it was a friend of the guy arrested that invited the policeman to settle a "dispute". The "dispute" was the most stupid I've heard. A friend arresting a friend for sleeping with his girlfriend. Initially the friend was ashamed to say it when the crowd demanded to know the crime his friend committed. He kept on saying it had nothing to do with money until he lost his cool and blurted what went down. Apparently the girl had been sleeping with his friend for the past 3 days. If he had even been there earlier he would have met his girlfriend "ridin' dirty". Before the guy got in the car he slapped the policeman because he took it as a joke. That angered people more, if the police were called during a robbery they would have taken their time like a diva preparing to go on a red carpet evert. Now they showed up armed to arrest a guy for enjoying himself. The girl also resides in my area....she was one of those girls that put smiles into the faces of lonely men. The chic was definitely not one to take home to your mama, short, take serious in a relationship. As the drama was taking place, the girl who was at home kept calling the guy by my side if the policeman had left. She was staying with her Uncle and didn't want the drama to be brought to his door step.
I can't even believe a policeman came armed and prepared just to arrest a man for sleeping with a girl. This so contracted what I so that morning.'s alright, Nigeria we hail thee.


  1. SMH..............the NPF is a huge joke

  2. 'Police is your friend!'???? Dont even get me started on the Nigerian police force!!! Those guys are the anti-christ! They are devilish, ignorant, arrogant, foolish.......... let me just take a walk and go and cool off cos i am choked with anger already. I JUST DO NOT LIKE THEM or anything to do with them!

  3. To further buttress my feelings for this (almost said 'cursed' but wouldnt) set of people

  4. LMAO!!!! Police is your friend :-)

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